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Carrera slot guide for Scalextric track

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Carrera slot guide for Scalextric track
Would you be interested in a permanent solution?
What price would you EXPECT to pay per guide?
How many guides per pack?
Would you be willing to do prototype testing with several of your Carrera cars?
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I only have two Carrera F1 cars (Red Bull & BMW Sauber). They are both fitted with the alternative guide supplied by Carrera but, despite some filing, still do not work well on SSD track. The guide often fouls the dead section of a straight lane changer and a racing curve crossover (C8203).

I have E-mailed my brother-in-law who occasionally does 3d CAD work. He thinks the price you have been quoted is about right as far as the UK is concerned. He would need more information before he could quote for the work. As you say, what is needed is a slot-car enthusiast who is willing to do the work for nothing.

I directed my brother-in-law to a picture of the alternative Carrera guide keel. He cannot understand why any CAD work should take 2 days. Without seeing your design of course, he thinks the work should only take 2 hours for a competent CAD worker! He has suggested you try this website where you may find someone to do the work for a lot less.



If you're still searching for someone to do this 3d CAD work then I have news. My brother-in-law has agreed to at least look at it. If you E-mail me at [email protected] I will give you more details.

1 - 4 of 39 Posts
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