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Carrera slot guide for Scalextric track

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Carrera slot guide for Scalextric track
Would you be interested in a permanent solution?
What price would you EXPECT to pay per guide?
How many guides per pack?
Would you be willing to do prototype testing with several of your Carrera cars?
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I'm reluctant to be negative to what is a very good idea, but honesty will probably help you more than a load of promised purchases that don't come to fruition.

I see price being the main sticking point. As the modification to existing guides is so simple to do with the minimum of tools (a bit of sandpaper), the price would have to be a lot lower than 75p each for me to be interested. I'd buy 20 guides for future use, maybe more, but the cost would have to be comparable to that of sandpaper. £5 inc p/p for 30 guides would be the absolute maximum for me, and I doubt that that would make production economically viable.

Again, I'll say that it's a great idea and I don't like being negative, but experience tells me that only a small proportion of expressed interest actually turns into hard cash.
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1 - 1 of 39 Posts
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