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Carrera Track: Advice on tuning other car bands?

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I am having so much fun with my Carrera Digital - but I really want to try out some other analog cars by different manufactures.

I could use some advice on how to set up these other brands for carrera track. I have a small analog test track. I have tried a scalextric and a car.

The scalextric GT40 seems to run pretty good out of the box.

I had read some many compliments on the brand, I bought a Nissan R390.
A beautiful looking car - but I am having a couple problems:
Brushes not having good contact with carrera track.
Car seems to de-rail easier than the scalextric.
Maybe something with the guide? Tips appretiated.

I plan to set up my larger carrera "digital track" this weekend - removing the digital components and adding the automatic lane crossing and operating in analog mode. I'll be able to compare my carrera digital car running in analog mode to the scalextric and

I'll take any advice that will help improve the performance of other brand cars on carrera track.

You are welcome to point me towards posts that already discuss this. I have tried "searching" without much luck.



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At our club (Colchester Scalex Club) we run analogue on Carrera track, I've got a Nissan R390 and all I've done to it is a Slot It wood track guide and P6 tyres, Carrera track is very flat, rigid and smooth so tyres are the thing to get right, the only tyres I've found that don't work well on Carrera track is silicones, which seem to be good for around a minute and then drastically go off, but Ortmanns or rubber tyres work well on Carrera.

Are you running with or without magnets, because if you're running with magnets (we don't) the Carrera track gives less magnetic attraction than other brands of track.
The Slot It cars have much smaller magnets than Carrera or Scalextric cars, this is probably what your problem is, take one of the magnets off the Carrera cars and then compare it with the Slot It, better still take all the magnets out of all of the cars and see how they compare.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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