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Carrera Wheels

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I have Carreras Jag C type and Ferrari 166 chassis and want to use the C Type wheels on the 166 chassis.
The 166 axle has round brass bearings and the C Type square? black plastic so they are not immediately swappable. The 166 appears to have a slightly wider axle so I really just want to swap the Wheels.

I have removed one wheel from the front of the Jag but because the axle is grooved at the ends I think I have damaged/cracked the wheel hub.

Is there a special method required to remove Carrera wheels or have I just been unlucky with the first one.

and advice greatly appreciated.
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Perhaps they could give Fly some lessons in "How to fit a wheel to an axle so it doesn't come off".


1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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