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Carrera's 2002 F1 Sauber

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Just picked up the 2002 Carrera F1 Sauber.

By coincidence there is a recent topic at SCI about the fact that this car cannot compete with the newer Ferrari F1.

Sure enough it just seems to coast around my track and actually jumps out of the slot surprisingly easy.

The solution posted at SCI was to change the existing 10:26 gearing to 9:27 which is apparently fitted to the Ferrari.

Looking at the gear ratio table at Pendle Slot the ratios mentioned above seem to bear no relation to the ones on Pendles chart and being a complete novice I am now clueless as to what the solution might be.

I would be grateful for any guidance and help that could make this Sauber competitive with the Ferrari.

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Thanks for the link and explanation Tropi, makes a lot more sense now. My home track is 59ft with the longest straight being 5 standard straight sections so no wonder the Sauber seems sluggish.

Taking the 9:27 down to its lowest denomination of 1:3 now works with the Pendle chart (this is found in the Slot.It spares section).

I guess the obvious thing to do will be to buy one of the new Carrera crowns. Not sure who stocks Carrera spares, anyone know ?

Crazy-Chris, the 2002 Sauber looks huge next to the Ferrari and Scaleys F1's, seems out of scale to me (oh no, not that old chestnut
). Does the new Sauber include updated bodywork or is it just a re-livery ?

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Thanks for the info Chris, it is interesting to see how these things evolve.
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