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Carrera's 2002 F1 Sauber

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Just picked up the 2002 Carrera F1 Sauber.

By coincidence there is a recent topic at SCI about the fact that this car cannot compete with the newer Ferrari F1.

Sure enough it just seems to coast around my track and actually jumps out of the slot surprisingly easy.

The solution posted at SCI was to change the existing 10:26 gearing to 9:27 which is apparently fitted to the Ferrari.

Looking at the gear ratio table at Pendle Slot the ratios mentioned above seem to bear no relation to the ones on Pendles chart and being a complete novice I am now clueless as to what the solution might be.

I would be grateful for any guidance and help that could make this Sauber competitive with the Ferrari.

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I'm not sure what is shown on the Pendle gear chart but we have one here - I'll return with a link to it in a few minutes.

The old Carrera 'standard' gearing of 10:26 converts to 1 to 2.6.
The new Carrera 'standard' is the same as most other standard gearing
using 9:27, which converts to 1 to 3.
This higher numeric ratio permits the motor to hit maximum rpm much sooner, giving better acceleration and braking, which is much more suited to smaller, twistier circuits.

The older gearing was only suited to circuits with long straights and fewer twists giving the car the capability to (eventually) reach ultimately higher speeds than the more common 9:27 gearing of other manufacturers. Few circuits will allow the 10:26 gears the space and time to ever reach that potentially higher speed and its use is generally considered a bad mistake by Carrera, which has now been corrected in their later cars.

Here is Our SF Gear Chart
Note that the 9 and 27 tooth gears are marked in red, to draw attention to the fact that it is a well-known standard ratio. Hope this is helpful
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