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Carrera's Mustang guide placement

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We've got a Carrera muscle class for box standard cars. By 'muscle' we mean anything born in the USA. Classic NASCARs vs. Pony Cars vs. Muscle vs. modern Mustangs and Chargers.

Figuring that all Carreras are born equally brakeless, overweight and wooden-tyred, I thought that the '67 Mustang fastback - originally released to tie in with The Fast & The Furious: Tokyo Drift - was a fair choice. I found a nice candy red one that looked just the job... until I took it off the plinth.

Guide behind the front axle, anyone? At what point did that become acceptable behaviour for any slot car designer?

Now I must admit that Carreras are my least favourite cars by a mile, not least because we insist on running them the wrong way round the track. To add this kind of insult to the injury of having to shell out for an unwanted car seems a little bit stiff to me, however.

When Scalextric has even managed to get the guide up front of a classic Mini, failing to do so on the socking great schnoz of a Mustang seems woeful. Does anyone have experience of trying to convince this thing to go around corners as I haven't dared try it out - firstly on principle and secondly because I don't want to add to the Fiat-like depreciation that Carreras suffer from!

Yours, perplexed!
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I was hoping it might be Club Cars Night tonight... adding this disaster to an unprepped Fly Classic and an SCX F1 that's still carrying a nasty dose of Spanish Nipple it looks like a total of 12 points from 3 classes tonight...
We didn't race on Wednesday as we needed a fourth person.....and you weren't there!!

I went into my loft last night and looked at all the Carrera Mustangs I have and theonly one I could find with the guide layout that you have is the shiny red one.....all the others have the guide in the place you'd like it to be!!
Sorry - had to prioritise, I got home from work to find my frazzled wife so knackered after 60 hours of relentless feeding and squawking that she was incapable of objecting to me going out to the club.

So I took pity, put her to bed and looked after the new addition instead of coming out to play.

Three people on an Own Cars Night?!?!

Everything's telling me to buy a Firebird. I don't know why. It has its guide in the right place, it has a proper front axle rather than Chevelle stubs... it looks OK.

Carrera Muscle aside I've now got a car for every class. For Carrera Muscle I currently have an aberration, but there's still time...
Wikipedia - An aberration is something that deviates from the normal way.

I think that if your car is an aberation and therefore deviates from the noprmal way, then it can't be considered "box standard" !!!

Congrats on the new arrival..
21 - 24 of 24 Posts
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