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I just found another unopened box...

Scalextric Sport C2403A Gulf Ford GT40 1968 No9 LE. Mint in box. SOLD

Scalextric Sport C2335 Williams BMW FW23 #6. Mint in box. £20.00

Scalextric Sport C2521A Lister Storm LMP900. Mint in box. £20.00

Racer RCR 1 Ferrari 333SP MOMO Daytona 1998 RTR. Mint / Unboxed. £85.00

Maxi Models Team Surtees Lola T160 Can Am beautifully built RTR. £120.00

Maxi Models McLaren M6A Can Am (Denny Hulme). First model produced, now out of production. Beautifully built. RTR £120.00

Fly Z01 Gulf Porsche 917K - Sebring 1971 "Damaged Bodywork" Limited Edition. Mint in box. £90.00

Scalextric K703 Control Centre SOLD

This is the "holy grail" of Scalextric trackside buildings. The kit has been sprayed in white primer and assembled but can be easily be taken apart for detailed painting. Complete with all railings and flower boxes (not shown). A really nice example of this super-rare building.

Scalextric A233 Entrance Building SOLD

Scalextric A228 Refreshment Kiosk

Scalextric A211 First Aid Hut

Scalextric F302 TV Camera & Crew Set.
Ladder and some railings missing.

Scalextric "Classic" Track

PT/65 Pit turn-out crossing (left) and PT/94 Pit turn-out crossing (right). Good condition.

C180 Le Mans Start with turn-out. Good condition.

C206 Pit lane (4 pieces for 2 lane track). Good condition.

C177 Goodwood Chicane. Good condition.

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