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Cars for Turin Vintage meeting

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Got my first car ready for this years Turin meeting,

1/32 Monogram Lola T70 in Revson Dana livery

I know a lot of people are going to Turin this year, so anyone else got some pics to show?

Also the 1/24 car is coming along nicely

again Monogram, McLaren Elva Nickey Chevrolet
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Nice cars Phil

I'm attending for the first time this year.

No pictures of finished cars yet

This is the 1:1 car of my 1/32 entry =>

And this one of my 1/24 entry =>

We still have some time don't we

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where and when did you take the pic of the alfa?
i'm not quite sure but i think there is only one of those alfa t33 "periscope"left...and that would be the one of the recently sold rosso bianco collection.
nice shot...
cheers marty
I found them on the net after a long search, here a few other ones =>


PS cars for Turin are almost ready, only details to be done
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the second pic is from the rosso bianco museum....i had a quick search in my magazine archive and found the article about the rosso bianco...nearly made me cry to see all those cars scattered all over the world now,should have never happened...anyway,
sorry about the rant...*sniffle*
would be lovely to see the alfa on a slot track

ps: what kit did you use?
Very nice Phil, very nice!
Hey, I hear the guys from Turin are meeting at Ezio's tonight to test their cars! I think they are on a war path

Me, I have nothing to wear so I won't come to the Vintage meeting.
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QUOTE I hear the guys from Turin are meeting at Ezio's tonight to test their cars! I think they are on a war path

That's ok, if they are anything like Itlalians usually are in a war they will be going backwards
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QUOTE (Edo @ 19 Apr 2007, 09:47) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>they are very often in front, are'nt they Phil?
Thought somebody might spot that one

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Maddin, have i got this right, from your post you
are saying the rosso collection has been broken up?.
I went to see it about 3 years ago and remember the Alfa spiders.
There where also 2 Talbot "tear drops" have these been sold also?
Ill have a rumage among the boxes and find the photo,s and post a few.
Some nice looking cars for turin there lads, best of luck.
mac p
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yes it has been broken up...i don't know the whole story in detail but the collection was originally to be transferred to brussels to join an existing collection.this obviously never happened...lots of cars appeared in auctions over the past few months which means the rosso bianco collection with all it's absolutely unique cars will never be seen again....
there were heaps of one offs and rarities which will most likely be stored away in some climatised garages of private collectors (or should i call them speculators) for the next 200 years.

in the late 80's the german motor klassik magazine had a 3 part series with pictures of all cars in the museum...absolutely amazing what had been carried together over the years...
i was living in germany for 31 years,80 km away from aschaffenburg and have NEVER been there...

would love to see some of your pics....

cheers marty
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Some years back I was visiting a friend in Alte Busek (a bit north of Frankfort as I recall) My friend is a Jaguar collector and, at that time he had two restored examples; A Mk IV and and XK 120. We decided to visit Rosso et Bianco and, although it was mid-winter, felt that the only way to do it properly was in the 120 with the top down!

We bundled up and made the journey - fantastic trip and visit. Somewhere I have the brochure that I bought while there as well as a collection of slides.

As amusing side light of the journey: On our way back on the autobahn we were traveling at somewhere just over 120KPH not so much reflecting wind chill but out of respect for then 30+ year old wire wheels. We were being passed by everything including elderly VWs and delivery vans!

Here you are Marty,they are photo,s of photo,s as
i took them with a SLR on my visit and never transfered them
to my computer.


If you want the other pics, send me your e-mail address and ill mail them to you
Im glad you asked for these as i thought i had lost the pics of Hub Habets rally track
but they where in with these shots, a reminder of my trip to he and his good lady wife.

Sorry for the ramble and hyjacking of this post, so back to Turin, any more photo,s of the
Mac P
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QUOTE (mac p @ 20 Apr 2007, 17:55) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Sorry for the ramble and hyjacking of this post, so back to Turin, any more photo,s of the
Mac P

i was just about to say that...:)
sorry from me too....

cheers marty
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I've had some time to do a spare car for Turin
1/32 Strombecker Cheetah

I think it looks better than the Lola
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I have no clean underwear, so I won´t come...

Greetings from Russell to all of you - I´ve just met him in Dubai.

Have fun in Torino!!!


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