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Cars I want!

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Hello fellow-buying-yourself-poor-in-slot-friends!

Today I made myself a little list of the slotcars I want to own. There are no slotcarshops in my area of Denmark
so I don't have the possibility to actually try them out so I have to rely on comments from here and reviews from other sites.

The choosing of the cars is based on looks, what I've heard and my experince from the very few cars I have (Audi R8C from is my favorite)

I race a Ninco 2-lane track (13,36 meters)

It's a standard layout from NINCOS F1 set but all the long straights are extended with 2 or 3 standard straights..Ive tried a lot of different layouts. But this the best (I dont know why but I don't like bridges and crossing lanes). This fall I will start working on a permanent track with this layout. back to my list. If anyone have these cars I would love to hear your opinion or comments....oh and I race with magnets (sorry

Scalextric MG Lola Knighthawk
Proteus Lamborghini Murcielago (Yellow)
Ninco Porsche 934 "Brumos"
Ninco Audi TT-R Belcar Porsche 956G Kenwood
Spirit Oreca Dallara Testcar
Pro Slot Toyota GT1 #3 Esso

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Scalextric MG Lola Knighthawk Very fast and smooth
Proteus Lamborghini Murcielago (Yellow) Nice looking, a bit noisey.
Ninco Porsche 934 "Brumos" Very fast
Ninco Audi TT-R Belcar Don't know Porsche 956G Kenwood best all round RTR car - very quick
Spirit Oreca Dallara Testcar don't know
Pro Slot Toyota GT1 #3 Esso looks bad, goes well, even better without magnet on wood track
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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