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Cars I'd Like To See

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No doubt this is done to death in these forums, but I've been a bit surprised by the cars I don't see currently available. Perhaps they have been done long ago and no one is making them at present. Anyway... here's my current list:

Triumph TR-3
Triumph TR-4
Triumph Spitfire
Austin Healy Sprite
Sunbeam Tiger
AMC Trans-Am Javelin
Mercury Cyclone
Jim Clark's Lotus Ford
Lotus Elan
Jaguar XKE (someone must have done this one)
Auburn Speedster

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When you look at it we're pretty spoilt, but I'd have to say:

1989-1993 Chevrolet Lumina
A pair of 'Days of Thunder' sets with the Exxon and City cars in one, Hardees and Mello Yello in the other.

Formula One
1979 Ferrari
1982 Lotus
1981 Ligier
1979 Renault

Historic Rally
Fiat 131
Opel Ascona 400
A decent Mini-Cooper
Saab 96

Historic Touring Car
Ford Capri 3.0S
Rover SD1 Vitesse
Holden Commodore
Jaguar XJS

Bugatti Type 35/51
Alfa Romeo Monza
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