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Cars I'd Like To See

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No doubt this is done to death in these forums, but I've been a bit surprised by the cars I don't see currently available. Perhaps they have been done long ago and no one is making them at present. Anyway... here's my current list:

Triumph TR-3
Triumph TR-4
Triumph Spitfire
Austin Healy Sprite
Sunbeam Tiger
AMC Trans-Am Javelin
Mercury Cyclone
Jim Clark's Lotus Ford
Lotus Elan
Jaguar XKE (someone must have done this one)
Auburn Speedster

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Hi Mike,

many of these are available as resin kits if you want to have a go at building them! Check out these links:

For the TR3, 4 and Spitfire:
Traffic Model Cars

For the MG-B GT (This is a conversion kit - you'll need an Airfix MG kit as well):

For the TransAm Javelin:
Noisy Muse

The Sprite was available as an Airfix kit and I believe that VIP made a slot one years ago (not cheap!)

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1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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