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Cars I'd Like To See

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No doubt this is done to death in these forums, but I've been a bit surprised by the cars I don't see currently available. Perhaps they have been done long ago and no one is making them at present. Anyway... here's my current list:

Triumph TR-3
Triumph TR-4
Triumph Spitfire
Austin Healy Sprite
Sunbeam Tiger
AMC Trans-Am Javelin
Mercury Cyclone
Jim Clark's Lotus Ford
Lotus Elan
Jaguar XKE (someone must have done this one)
Auburn Speedster

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Being a trifle fickle I tend to lust after the thing I've most recently seen in teh "MotorSport" mag. Right now there's a '34 maserati F1 I'm in lust with (it's in the July issue). I also want the Cooper 500 Mk 5 from the same pages. Damned if I know how you'd do it. MotoGP motor perhaps?

(Actually if anyone has that issue could you please identify the (unknown) lunatic lunatic on the front cover jumping his (unknown) car round the (unknown) banking. It looks brilliant!)

I also have a thing for the Aston Martin "Ulster" at the moment.

Oh - and somewhere in the mag there's a pic of a US guy that raced a speedway midget in the '59 US GP. It's quite brilliant - all these "ultra sleek ultra modern" racers and a dumpy little thing was in the middle. It's quite superb. I'll be building one of those to play with the Vanwall & Maserati with (if I can figure out how)

Actually I also need an ERA. I took the boy to the GP last year. There was a pale green ERA in the historics that had been bought out from the UK. The boy went to get a photo as he thought it looked sweet. I turned around & found the guy that owned it had chucked the boy in the car & took his picture. Do you think that made the boy's day or what? He still bangs on about it. Painting the thing a manky pale green will be one thing. Trying to make the driver 7yo sized with a williams coat & hat may be more difficult. Still - one must try!

Actually I was talking to one of the blokes from the paddock that had helped put the thing together while the race was on (this year was prewar GP cars from memory) and apparently the driver was "lord" something or other & it was the first GP ERA made. That's kinda cool!
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