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Hello Stuart,

Nice to hear about your re-discovery of slot cars. I remember when I got back into slot cars four years ago - trying out the different manufacturers was both fun and interesting.

I have to say, in my experience, my Scalextric cars have always been marginally quicker than my SCX ones. You mention that your current Scalextric cars are all around 15 years old - I think you'll be pleasantly surprised once you pick up a brand new Scalextric model. Of course it varies from model to model, for example, my two Maserati MC12 models are two of the slowest cars I own (they're just too tail-happy), while some of the Le Mans Prototype models (Audi R10, Peugeot 908) have such strong magnets they're among the quickest cars in my collection.

Then, there are so many other makes to consider. My Ninco cars are all pretty quick, while are by far my favourite models in terms of performance, looks and build quality).

It depends on the size/type of track you plan to run on. My Avant Slot Pescarolo Sport seems to have a monster under the bonnet and - in a straight line - would probably be one of the fastest cars I own, but I don't have the space to create a straight long enough to find out! Further to this, I have one NSR model, but I've never really been able to run this on my lumpy old plastic track as it's ride height is so low.

My advice is buy cars because you like them (my collection is based on one guiding principal - buy a car if it, or its livery, is 'cool'!) and have fun trying the different manufacturers.
1 - 1 of 25 Posts
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