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Stuart, SCX & the Scalextric "Classic" plexy track are identical, so SCX cars are designed for that track.
The slot in the old classic track is 5mm. The slot in Scaley Sport track is 6mm, so it is better for a lot of modern slots.
Sport track is very smooth & gives very little grip to the old non mag cars.It`s a matter of opinion, but I reckon the old classic track is far superior to the modern stuff.
I`ve got a really old Scaley layout & also a Jouef one. I`ve always just wiped the rails with an oily rag after every use. Twice a year I clean the plastic by spraying on a light coat of WD40 then wiping well off. You`ll rarely have any problems by just keeping the track clean.Never ever use any type of abrasives to clean your rails. If they are rusty & warped they should be binned as a matter of course.
Putting stuff on tyres? Absolutely no need on home racing.It always makes good sense to change tyres on an old model if you`re going to race it often.
Twin braids is supposed to make for better electrical pick up. Not a new idea, been around for years.
I reckon you`re getting hooked mate...

1 - 1 of 25 Posts
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