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I've got some more bits and pieces for sale

All items will be posted 1st class recorded delivery within 24-48hours or payment (Cost dependant on items).

Payment is prefered via paypal, however cheque or other means are acceptable.

Scalextric Vanwall Ltd Ed. Mint, boxed and unused - £30.00

Scalextric Mini, excellent used condition, not missing or broken bits - £10.00

Slot.It McLaren Shell & Chassis, excellent used condition - £5.00

Scalextric Sectators, mint and unopened - £5.00

Scalextric Racing Drivers, mint and unopened - £5.00 (£8.00 including spectators above)

Scalextric Grandstand, excellent condition, very little use, figures painted to a very hight standard, also includes extra unpainted figures - £10.00

Scalextric Vintage Figures, Mint boxed and possibly never used - £50.00? or best offer as i'm a little unsure as to what these are worth.

Scalextric Vintage Start, boxed, excellent condition except for snapped pin on top left of 'start' sign, still very usable - £7.00

Scalextric Gear Puller, excellent used condition, very little use, unboxed - £5.00

Scalextric Sport x18 Standard Curves and x2 Crossover Curves, mint condition, very little use - £15.00

Scalextric Sport x4 Straights, x2 Half Straights and x1 cross road, mint condition, very little use - £10.00

Scalextric Wheels & Tyres, mint condition, unused - £4.00

Scalextric Sport x7 Boarders & x7 Barriers, mint condition, very little use - £7.00

Scalextric Sport controllers, brand new, mint and usused - £7.00

Scalextric Sport Spares, x4 Rally Tyres, x2 Am. Classic Tyres, x2 Le Mans Tyres, (Tyres used but very little),
Screws and Pinions unused - £4.00

NSR 5205 Ultra Grip Tyres (x4), Brand new, unused and unopened - £4.00

NSR 5235 x2, 5221 x2 and 5213 x2 Ultra Grip Tyres, unused but upened- £4.00

Spares luck dip
There is alsorts in here, figures, Team Slot Stratos chassis and running gear (unused) and
atleast a full Scalextric Mini part dismantled but good condition and waterslides etc - £5.00

Thats all for now, thanks for looking.

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