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I couldn't agree more that the non magnet cars will run better on Classic than Sport.

Scalextric Classic has taken a few criticisms of late, just to remind myself of all the fuss, I recently built a temporary circuit cobbled together with my old Scalextric track to see if it really is as bad as some people have mentioned, I certainly don't recall it was when I used to have a Classic setup many years ago.

I ended up building a temporary track with a long straight, the warping was not a problem, just scrap the mangled sections (take care when future packing the track to prevent any further warping) The power was okay with an original seventies block, okay I was on my own & with one car it was ace!

I initially restricted my driving to racing cars that were of the time when Scalextric Classic track was at its prime, old sixties, seventies cars, all non magnet and they ran great! Traction out of bends with nice controllable slides (slides when you need them) and the cars just screamed down the straight. The throttles are okay hopeless for today's cars, but I still like the original design (a bit small though, pesky kids) although I'm probably the only person who does. However these throttles were dug out of the loft and for controlling older cars they were great, I quietly like to think the older Classic throttle is better than the version supplied with today's sets.

Anyway, back on track, to be completely thorough in my research, I then moved on to later cars such as Ninco etc. ah, immediately problems such as guides (which are too deep for the slot so they clicked on the struts at the bottom of the rail) rear there ugly head. However the biggest headache is the throttles again, unless you restrict yourself to non magnet cars with smaller motors, fine... just forget Carrera, heavy magnet Fly cars as they just either sit there smoking the controller or rocket off like an on-off switch with no in between. The magnets with the raised rails wreaks havoc,talk about über downforce.

Right I better quit with my reminiscing and answer the question, the cars will run fine on Classic and IMHO better than on Sport. The trouble is with Sport the surface for the majority of non magnet cars is just too slippery, if the surface was more abrasive say, a similar(ish) surface to a blackboard paint texture? (only example I can think of), then it would be bloody amazing, again loads of people will disagree.

I hope you know what I am getting at, Sport for the cars it is designed to run is very good, just not so for older cars/non magnet without preparation (weight, silicone tyres). The Sport kerbing doesn't help with its lip... hint: old kerbs are better.

So Classic for your non magnet cars they will be fine!

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