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I don't know much about vintage F1's but I do find it amuzing that a people are making judgements on the Catrix and Scaley cars using only pictures as a guide, of early production models as well. Not many have seen either slot car in the flesh let alone two of them to be able to make a realistic comparision.

As for the price, yeah its a bit high I'll agree with that, but until we see it listed at our fav places, either online or in a hobby shop then lets just wait to see how much they really are.

One of our guys is the Aus distributor for Catrix and he has had one of these cars for a few weeks, its looks great and is a ball of fun to drive on a board track. His pricing won't be anywhere near 40 pounds when converted.

Well done Cartrix, hope the other line of vintage cars you were contemplating doing come to fruition in 2005.
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