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DISCLAIMER: I hope no one takes my remarks as a personal affront, and they certainly are not intended to disparage a manufacturer's product. They are only initial personal impressions based on the posted pictures, and no doubt a full-review will be necessary to fairly evaluate the cars.

As a devotee of vintage F1, I would normally be quite excited by the appearance of these cars. Compared to pix of the Scaley Maser and Vanwall though, the Cartrix appears to my eyes just a bit unrefined and toy-like, and I agree that the track is too wide and the wheels too small. The candy-coordinated gloves and helmets also look a bit silly, esp. if Cartrix are trying to emulate historic machines driven by Fangio and Moss. However, it appears that they may have conventional motor placement, which surely will provide better handling and performance without magnets than the Scaley cars. Any pix of their underside available? I wonder why Cartrix needed to make it a special issue. The price seems pretty steep when compared with the Scaley cars, which I understand will be close to standard price, right? I suspect the Cartrix will undoubtedly appeal to many hobbyists, but for anyone inclined to roll their own, I would highly recommend Mac Pinches' line of PreAdd resin bodies. Great model choice (including a W-196), wonderful detail, scale accuracy, and reasonably priced. Plus you get the satisfaction of building it yourself. Such a deal!

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