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Hi Bob,

A couple of years ago Cartrix announced very grand plans of a whole load of future releases, the cars on the flyer in with the W196, a TR4, and some modern stuff, like Corsa and Stilo rally cars. They did qualify this by saying it was a 2/3 year "forecast", but I feel at the rate they have been released, even that was a tad ambitious!

One of our Australian members, who is friendly with the Cartrix management, suggested that we may only get one "new" car every year
I don't know if I can wait that long!

I have also heard that Cartrix do some designing for other Spanish manufacturers, so that may also explain the delay.

I held the Merc in my hands for the first time last night, it's very light, but I think the wider track and tyres will make it more than a match for the recent Hornby cars. Non-mag, of course!

Hopefully mine is sitting at Barcelona airport in Ecurie Ecosse's hand luggage as I type this

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