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Cartrix have made some lovely modern & classic cars recently. They are really under rated.
I`m picking up the Classic GP cars as I go along. Next up will be a Vanwall, then looking forward to the Talbot Lago.
Get your Cartrix pics up, modern rally , road cars & Classic GP cars.


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Lovely looking cars, Kev, although the slick tyres have never looked quite right to me, a bit too wide and the profile too low.

The yellow Kurtis Kraft Offenhauser (1950 Indianapolis 500 winner) is my favourite. It's certainly not pretty, but in its own ugly way I find it rather appealing. If you've got twenty minutes to waste, this YouTube video of the race it won is worth watching. At 17:15, there's a pit stop for fuel and tyres. Compare and contrast the safety and speed then with that of pit stops now!


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I agree with Dopamines comment regarding the wheels being a bit wide etc. But, it's nothing that can't be put right. Here's my DBR4 fitted with a set of my own wheels. The axles have been shortened a touch too.



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Cartrix GP is also one of the classes run occasionally at the Slot & Go Tuesday evening races here in Paris... missed the last one (I showed up with my roadster, but they had already switched to - ugh - rally cars!).

And I agree with the above comment that the Indy roadster is rather ugly, but still loveable!

That Aston looks very nice with your wheels on it Mr. G!

Cartrix seems to have found a very nice niche with these cars - thanks for putting them up here Kev!

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