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Cartronic!! Now there's a real slot car enigma (I think that's the right word-I know it's not enema)!

I remember gnnn years ago at an NSCC swappie at Bishops Stortford, Steve DeHavilland having these on his table. As far as I am aware they had come straight to the market with 8 different models (4 pairs of racing partners- the memory is hazy- Gullwing Merc and Ferrari 250GTO, Long tailed McLaren and the above-mentioned Kremer Porsche and possibly a pair of DTMs and a pair of current F1s) but then they almost disappeared.

I remember looking at the Merc and Ferrari with interest - this was before the Pink Kar had been available- yet didn't buy them. They weren't great models but as the alternative at the time was 30 year old Revells, I thought they may have been better received.

Grah, I assume yours was secondhand or old stock from somewhere. I didn't know about the reversible motor mount, sounds clever.

The really interesting thing I would like to know, is that if we are to believe the fantastic amounts of money that are supposedly required to bring a new model to manufacture, who on earth swallowed the pill for bringing 8 at once with virtually no success?

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