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QUOTE (dgersh @ 4 Feb 2013, 12:24) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>This is a family forum David...

Beautiful work by the way...


I hadn't realised how that could have been interpreted...


QUOTE (Jaak @ 4 Feb 2013, 13:41) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Great craftsmanship David,

I am in the starting phase of my first Balsa car,
it will be a 1:24 Triumph TR3 for the Good Wood proxy.

Would be great if you also joined in the fun, here is a link

This week I met the badger again for the first time since our last encounter.
I found out they have terrible eye sight or at least this one does.

It had been snowing around 20 cm's that day and I was shoveling/scooping the snow of our driveway in the evening,
I had done about 3/4 of it when I noticed something moving towards me in a weird way following the tire tracks of our car in the snow,
at first I thought it was one of our cats that was injured but as it came closer it was obvious it was too wide and slightly to low.

When it was around 10 meters away from me I recognized in the semi-darkness that it was a Badger and it was still coming towards me.
I stopped moving to see how close it would come...9 meters...8 meters...7 meters... 6 meters...
...5 meters... 4 meters and still hopping towards me..
At around 3 meters it suddenly stopped looked up straight into my eyes....stood there for a couple of seconds (seemed minutes)
it then turned around and ran/hopped as fast as it could away from me, towards a stairs going up to our neighbors garden.

Badgers are not so good with stairs I noticed as it fell about 3 times downwards trying to race up the stairs.
It was a short stairs of around 12 steps and the badger would do about 3 steps and fall one step back do another 3 and fall one step back until it reached the top and disappeared in the night.

The picture of it staring in my eyes like "hey what are you doing there" will be edged in my memory forever, it was quite a rush.

A lovely description of your encounter.

There are badgers very close to me but I've yet to see one, I hope one day I will. A friend of mine has them visit his garden and they are death to his very neat lawn but as an animal lover he accepts it.

When we had snow a couple of weeks ago we had the foxes doing that vertical jumping thing that animals do and diving into the snow searching for food, it was great fun watching them.

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