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When slush casting resin I only mix a very small amount at a time depending on the size of your mould approx 3-6 grammes max.

For each amount I slush until it no longer moves, then I mix the next amount and slush again and leave in the desired position until set again. Its a continuos process, as soon as one amount is set, mix and slush another until the desired thickness is achieved all over the mould. The resin will still be curing even though its no longer 'moving' and I've had no trouble with each layer bonding. For example the bentley I cast recently is a big car and needed four or five different slushes to cover the whole mould adequatley. Since then its been subject to some pretty severe grinding/cutting/ sanding etc without any problems, the cast is one solid piece throughout its thickness. Hope this helps.

PS this is only based on my own experience, but there are others on this forum who craft beautiful resin bodies well beyond my capabilities and may do it differently.

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