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Russell Sheldon
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Remember these? CAT bodies were originally made by Trevor Crout - of GT Models fame - in the early to mid 80s. I think they were exclusively available through 1-O-1 Products.

Well, Brian Saunders of BSlotcar Performance (BSP) has some listed on his website. I'm not sure which of the bodies are new shells and which are 're-pops' from the original moulds -- Brian's away racing 1:1 cars at Sepang at the moment, so I can't ask him -- nor whether they are 'scale' bodies.

The following are listed:-

Porsche 962
Mazda 323
VW Carmen Ghia
Jaguar XJR15
Jaguar Mk10 Saloon
Ferrari 312P
Sunoco Porsche
Ford Mk. II
Chevolet Camaro

Porsche 917
Porsche 908

Ford Honker Holman Moody
Ferrari 330 P4
Marcos Mantis

Also, for anyone using the small "Beardog" and Carrera "Go" motors, BSP has 1.5mm bore pinions 6T, 7T and 8T pinions in both 64 and 80 pitch. They also have 3/32" axle 30T 64DP and 38T 80DP gears. Ideal for 60's Grand Prix cars!

Kind regards

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