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Advice sought from anyone who has used a PC to catalogue their collection. Access seems the obvious choice since it is a database programme, but I can't get on with it (I run XP and Access 2003).

I'd like something that can take all the relevant info - and perhaps even thumbnail pics - that isn't going to demand an IT degree.


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I use Excel. I have columns for;
Serial No
Brief description of the model
And some other stuff I cant remember off the top of my head.

I'm not really clued up on Access - I did try to create a database once though.

There must be better ways of keeping the info, but Excel works for me!

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I could make an Access database for dummies if you want.

Just give me the kind of criteria that you want and I'll have a go. I've made a few fairly extensive databases for coursework at GSCE and A Level, so I'm not a mastermind, but I do know a bit about it.

If you guys can all agree on the kind of stuff you want, I can make one and distribute it do everyone...

What do you think?


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I started with an Access database, but ended up with Excel (during a short transition period I used both...).
One sheet has the inventory over all cars (columns for Manufacturer, Serial, Description, Price, Date of purchase and Shop). Another sheet has some stats like number of cars from each Manufacturer and shops.

For my purpose Excel is far easier to maintain than Access, since the amount of data is relatively small.


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Greetings all - I had started reading the "what is your line of work" thread and got extremely "old" and had to sit down, grab the Horlicks, slippers and cardigan before I approached this thread !!

Agreed Excel is easier to use than Access to list cars, but could one ofyou youngsters let an old boy know how to put in pictures of cars?

Is it simply a case of highlighting a cell and inserting an object ie a jpg?

(I'm expecting a full technical answer from Scott - but anyone else please step in!!)


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I use Excel to catalogue my collection but sadly its way out of date at the moment, and only covers most of my Fly cars..........must rectify that before I move it all

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Good links for the slot collection programs except that they are all PC based!

Running a mac does seem to reduce your Slot software options (like lap timers etc).

I use Excel to back everything up, but like many seem to take ages to sit down and input the data (i know for a fact that i'm about 200 cars out of kink with the list).

However last Christmas i did sort out what i hope will be the best method so far.

I bought a HP IPAC palm thing. All the cars have been digi photographed and filed on the machine in car manufacturer order (i.e. AC, Audi, Bentley etc). I manually re-sized all the images to fit the machine until I found a batch converter in Photoshop that would do all the work for you.

The other method I used prior to this was a printed version of the slot portal. Each car was ticked off.

The Ipac is a lot smaller to take to swapmeets and is backed up on a PC at the office, however it's a pain if you don't charge it constantly as it wipes any inputted data when the battery goes! The pics are stored on a 2.2 GB Compact Flash Card.

Gone are the days of buying the same livery twice in error! - I hope?


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Try this custom made one Scott mate....

Freeware and the tops for me in databases for slotcars. I have not found ONE thing missing that I would like in the program.

It is called 'Slotcars 2000' and can be found HERE on Gregory Brauns site

He is the writer as far a I know and deserves a big hug for the work he produces for our hobby!

OOPS! when I replied to this thread I ONLY saw the original post for some reason, not the squillions of replies already here sorry!

I have used Slotcars 2000 on a Mac also but forget how. leave it with me guys I know it was fairly easy.

As for Nuro pointing out the capability to print out lists and collection values, well I used it once and nearly had a heart attack so I stay away from that now - man the total amount was damn scary!!!!

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I use an Acess database with lots of information in the tables. The most useful fileds are Category and Sub--Category as they allow me to sort into appropriate grpoups. Category might =Touring Cars and Sub-Category = Ford Mondeo, etc. It means that all mould types are grouped together and not organised be reference number. You can still sort that way too if you prefer.

As well as the obvious details I also store where I bought an item and what it cost (which is very scary). I don't keep a tally of what it is worth today as I don't care.

There are tables for accessories, sets, paperwork as well as cars. Sets and cars are cross-referenced too.

If anyone wants a blank copy of the database they are very welcome, just drop me a line. I have often thought of making a distributable version to sell, or give away. Would anyone be interested.


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