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On January 31st 1991 C.H.O.R.C held its first club night, making January 2016 the 25th Anniversary of organised HO racing in the UK, the whole being kick-started by an exploratory meeting set up by Dave Cutler at Wood Green, London in October 1990. That, Tomy Timers and the support of Tomy AFX (UK) made it all possible

Thanks Tomy - and Dave, wherever you are!

To mark the occasion, on January 21st C.H.O.R.C will be turning the clock back to January 31st 1991, so present-day drivers can see how things were done back then.

There were no Lifelike, Marchon MR1, Scalextric Micro or Tomy SG+ cars, although the latter came out mid-year and were allowed in 1992, so we will be using Tyco 440 F1's and Tomy Turbo and Tyco 440X2 (pan or slimline) cars in the Closed wheel class.

(If you have them, please feel free to use your own, or let me know in advance if you need to borrow cars.)

Cars must be stock apart from the rear tyres.

The track plan is attached and we'll be using Parma controllers with without brakes - although since these weren't actually available until March for club nights, as I didn't think the club would last more than two or three meetings

Tomy timers, along with paper race sheets, will be used for race control and we'll be using the usual 3 minute heats.

Drivers will be entered on the race sheets in order of arrival for Round 1. Rounds 2-4 will mix drivers up so they race on all lanes against as many different drivers as possible.

Qualifying takes place over four rounds, as follows:

First round - Tyco 440X2 F1
Second round - closed wheel Tyco 440X2/Tomy Turbo - any closed body
Third round - Tyco 440X2 F1
Fourth round - closed wheel Tyco 440X2/Tomy Turbo - any closed body

All four qualifying rounds count.

Results & qualifying order will be produced using calculator, pencil and rubber.

Finals are Closed Wheel.

In '91, because of time constraints, there was no lane choice. Lanes were allocated in descending order - blue, red, yellow with green being the step-up. TWO moved up from the 'B' to the A, the 'B' winner getting yellow and the runner up green.

In early '91 the finals were of 5 minutes each although, again because of time constraints, that was quickly reduced to 4 then 3 minutes.

The aim is to run 5 minute finals but that will depend on numbers attending and time available.

Please bring cameras/camera phones/ipads to help record the occasion with me.

Thanks go to WHO and DHORC who have also agreed to mark the occasion by using the same track during January, although they will run cars, heats and finals to their own rules, as their meetings will be an integral part of their 2016 Championships.

Other clubs and individuals are invited to join in marking the occasion at their own locations.

Thank you - and a Happy new Year to you all.

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Just out of interest, lap records were:

Open wheel: 36.1 laps. Fastest lap 4.51 seconds. This was with standard Tyco F1's. Only mod' allowed was a change of rear tyres to black sponge, silicone or rubber single compound. No tyre dia. restrictions.

Closed Wheel: 34.5 laps. Fastest lap 4.69 seconds. This was with standard Tomy SWB or Tyco pan/slimline chassis. Again, the only mod' allowed was a change of rear tyres to black sponge, silicone or rubber single compound. No tyre dia. restrictions.

Track was divided into tenths, with 3 minute heats.

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Thanks to the following clubs for sharing in the 25th Anniversary of organised HO Club racing in the UK, by using the 1991 track. Their reports are here:



See what you can do against the original lap/time records and those posted by the other clubs, twenty-five years later.

This Thursday, Jan 21st, we turn the clock back 25 years to run stock Tyco F1 plus Tomy Turbo and Tyco closed wheel cars on the original track, without brakes.

STOCK RULES: Only mod allowed = black silicone or sponge tyres.
Format will be 4 x 3 minute heats, alternating body styles, F1, GpC, F1, GpC then GpC finals. All four heats to count for step-up finals, with two step-ups into the 'A'.

There will be complete Tyco F1 and Tyco closed wheel pan cars to borrow, as well as Tomy Turbo closed wheel cars (or chassis only, for use with your own bodies).
If you have complete cars of your own you're welcome to use them of course.

Thanks to Bob and Pauline Hill there will be a 25th Anniversary cake too - and maybe more!

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Thanks for all the good wishes, both here and via email and PM.

Looking forward to tonight, I think.

No-one has beaten the original STOCK (apart from tyres) records yet, although if their track had been banked I think SCHORC could have, as they were SO close!
DHORC too as I think that, although they had the banking, they were running TOTALLY stock. I.E. original Tomy rubber tyres? !

I'll be surprised if we can, as the original records were set about two-thirds of the way through the first season, so got built up to.

This time we'll have one shot, just like the other three clubs on the Anniversary

Original 1991 CHORC records (Banked track)

O/W STOCK - 36.1 laps. 4.51 fastest lap
C/W STOCK - 34.5 laps. 4.69 fastest lap

DHORC - 25th Anniversary records (Banked track)

O/W STOCK - 33.5 laps 4.69 fastest lap
C/W STOCK - 31.5 laps 5.11 fastest lap
O/W MOD - 32.0 laps. 4.84 fastest lap
C/W MOD - 37.7 laps. 4.04 fastest lap

SCHORC - 25th Anniversary records (Flat track)

O/W STOCK - 35.2 laps 4.80 fastest lap
O/W MOD - 45.1 laps. 3.73 fastest lap
C/W STOCK - 29.8 laps. 5.57 fastest lap

WHO - 25th Anniversary records (Flat track)
2 minute heats/finals
C/W MOD - 32.2 laps. 3.37 fastest lap
3 minute equivalent
C/W MOD - 48.3 laps. 3.73 fastest lap


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.....and here are the loan cars that may be making an attempt on those records.

12 of each chassis type:

1) Tyco F1 set up with silicone rear tyres

2) Tyco Closed Wheel pan chassis cars with silicone rears and lower Tyco fronts (in some cases, to suit the chassis/body combo). The Nastrucks are LWB, the rest SWB.

3) Tomy Closed Wheel Turbo cars with silicone rear tyres and stock 'wide' traction magnets. Wheelbase is the same as the SWB Tyco pan.


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Fantastic achievement Doug!
People like you do so much for the hobby for very little credit.

Looks like you're going to have a great night.

Best of luck to all involved.

Penshaw Wooly Backs Eat Deer HO Garage Racing Club.

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What an excellent night!

'90's Man' Mark Webster turned up with his 'brick' phone, gelled hair and BIG patterned tie.

Rob Heaton also turned up in his original '90's AFX Simonize jacket - but it was soon shed, as it looked just a tad tight! I didn't notice all the different T-shirts at first but there were a couple of different DHORC styles sported by Phil Rees and John 'Razor' Lamb. Steve Bryan had a 'Sherminator Raceway, (USA) logo'd 'T', Bob a great Terry Thomas racing driver spoof - and Dean Garbett had even gone to the trouble of getting a CHORC 25th Anniversary T-shirt made up. Wish I'd thought to photograph them all!

Fittingly, we had a dozen racers in total, as per the very first meeting.

We also had a couple of former racers pop in to say hello, with the threat that one of them could be back for the 2016 season proper


Everyone got plenty of track time to practice without brakes and to get used to the transition from the really fast double banked section onto the bridge and down into all the 'Twisties'. It took a good few laps to become acclimatised but it certainly got everyone talking and renewed interest in the Tyco F1 cars.

We even ran through a 'faux' first round of heats to get a bit of 'real' racing under our belts.

Actually that was unplanned since, as well as the original track and race format, we had another reminder of the nineties with a sticky reed switch on one lap counter. Although quickly swapped out once identified it did prompt a restart. It made a significant difference to scores and times, second time around, having had that real racing experience.

There was also a typical '90's 'operator error' on the paper race sheets, thankfully spotted by Phil Rees, followed by a lot of frantic activity with pencil, paper and a calculator to arrive at the results.

Speaking of which, the four participating club's lap records were pinned up on the wall for all to aim at, (see one of the earlier posts above for details) many CHORC drivers getting tantalisingly close to the original Open Wheel (F1) records during qualifying, although all were well off the Closed Wheel pace!


Part way through the evening we paused to cut a magnificent 25th Anniversary cake, kindly provided by Bob Hill and his wife Pauline.

Having offered to make the cake, the pair went on to push the boat out on our behalf, providing a great 'surprise buffet' too.

This gave us all the chance to have a 'bench racing' session, trotting out a few 'one that got away' stories and do a bit of reminiscing.

Many thanks go to Bob and Pauline, from all who tucked in.


With quite a few coming very close to the 'Open Wheel' records during qualifying there was a quick decision to swap from Closed to 'Open Wheel' finals and really go for it in the last half hour.
Lanes were allocated top down, with green being the single step-up lane and yellow and green being left empty for two to step up to the 'A', as was the custom in '91.

The'D' was taken by Bob Hill, by less than a lap from Rob Heaton. Bob and Ken Edmonds were just 2/100ths apart on lap times, whilst Rob and Matt were just 1/100th apart - but no records were broken.

The 'C' had Bob in fourth on the tough green lane (bottom of the wide banking). He was second quickest but was held to fourth by 'Razor' Lamb, who was 2/100ths of a second faster and a lap ahead. '90's Man' Mark Webster found yellow to his liking, taking second by 0.4 of a lap but the high and wide banking on blue provided a win for Doug.

The 'B' was as far as he was going though, green lane seeing him trail home several laps down on the lead pack. Andy, and Deans Wragg and Garbett made a real fight of it though. Andy made the most of the blue lane to take the win by a third of a lap, posting his best score of the day with a 35.4. Dean Garbett went for the old lap record of 4.51, breaking it with a best of 4.42 to come home second just ahead of Dean Wragg, who also posted a personal best of 33.50.

'A' Running the original format meant the top two from the 'B' moved up to the 'A'. Andy went up to yellow and Dean green, joining Steve Bryan on blue and Phil Rees on red. This was a scorcher of a race. All four of them beat the average Open Wheel qualifying score of 31.1, three of them posting personal best lap times, Steve too breaking the old FTD but ending just 7/100ths short of Dean Garbett's new fastest lap record. However Steve DID break the distance record with a 37.10, exactly a lap up on the original, to take the win from Dean Garbett. Third, just a tenth of a lap down was Phil Rees, the winner of the DHORC '25th Anniversary Challenge', closely followed by Andy Abbott in fourth.


We DID see the 25 year old record fall, both of which couldn't have been better timed, the lap time being broken in the B final and the lap score in the A,
It kept the suspense going right to the end!


Before the track was packed away an attempt was made on the 'All comers Fastest Lap', our Modified Sprint drivers taking to the track to try and beat the times set at the other three clubs (see one of the earlier postings above), as each club ran to their own rules.

Sprinters get three single laps on the red lane, each from a standing start, in an attempt to set their fastest lap time.


Unfortunately Rob Heaton's enthusiasm got the better of him with three DNF's, however Steve Bryan's first run broke the WHO C/W Mods fastest lap of 3.37 by 1/100th of a second. This turned out to be an 'exploratory run', as his second pass took over a half a second off that, stopping the clocks at 2.85. His last run shaved a further 9/100ths from that to post a 2.76! That was a staggering 15.19mph, or 267.391ips - FROM A STANDING START!

Inspired, Rob had 'one more go' and posted a great (but 'unofficial) 2.86, boosting his confidence for the 2016 Sprint Car championships.

That marked time to pack it all away after an enjoyable and very memorable 25th.

They think it's all over........

.......well it is now

The cake lives to bite another day. It will make a second appearance at the first championship round on Feb 11th

Thanks to DHORC, SCHORC and WHO for helping to mark the occasion, to all at CHORC who have put so much into the club over the years and to ALL those who have made 25 years of HO scale slot racing so much fun.


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Qualifying results.

Starting with Tyco F1, Closed wheel, Tyco F1 and finishing with Closed wheel. All four rounds counted.


Tyco F1's in a successful attempt on the 25 year old records.

The Standard red text shows the old record was also broken by Steve Bryan but the bold red shows the new fastest lap record holder to be Dean Garbett, with Steve Bryan setting the new record for the most laps.

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So annoyed I missed this Doug, being overseas.

Congratulations on what looks like a fantastic evening for a fabulous club, it is a credit to your hard work and dedication that you have kept things going so well for so many years

Look forward to racing there on 11Feb16

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