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Have just bought the challenger system and spent 2 hrs last night trying to get it to run consistently. I am running it on a 17m classic track with sport power and have checked that power is consistent all the way round. It did work last night a few times correctly but the problem is that is does the two learning circuits and then when the car parks just past the magnet, it just shows one light on one side that stays on? ( There is nothing in the instructions for one light staying on?) Then if you press fast or slow the gantry starts from red and then just goes to both green lights and the car does not move......

Now if i place the car behind the start it moves up as it should to the start and flashes correctly ready to go - press slow (or fast) and it then just launches itself like a missile down my long straight flat and tries to go round my rad2 bend flat out with spectacular air borne results

I have placed all the controls in the middle of my 12 ft straight so they are away from all the bends and i have altered the track slightly removing crossovers and chicanes - I did this as when it ran correctly a few times it struggled on these parts

I am at a loss and will test it tonight on a simple small oval - if that fails i will return it to Scalextric - I am new to this site and thought i would try some experts!

Thanks in advance

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I wanted to post a link of a topic of the Scalex Challenger, but there are so many yet on this board. If you type "challenger" in the search form, you will find many topics about this subject!

Hope this helps you!

It seems not many "Challenger owners" are very happy with the thing!!!



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Welcome to the Forum

Firstly, go here and check out what we have learned about this machine. As tDI_Fahrer says, search the forums too.

I think that if the roof light stays on, then there is a problem with the learning process. Make sure that the car's guide rotates correctly and that the wheels are clean and also rotate freely. After learning, it should stop on the magnet, flash on once long, and then flash on and off normally.

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Make sure you insert the challenger car with the guide fully to one side which I've no doubt you are doing. However I can sympathise - the first challenger I had worked intermitently and then after a few hours of trying to get it to work all it would do is shoot off a full power. I could not get it to work. The retailer happily swapped it and I've had no problems whatsoever with my current one.

If you can't find an answer I'd return it.


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The only way I could get consistent running from mine on Scalextric sport
in the end was fitting a pair of silicons tyres - did the trick !

They were Prof Motor : Indy Grips #IND1005

Everyone else I have told to fit these have also commented on what an improvement it made.

Also check power levels around the circuit , a drop in power causes the car
to go slower (I know dumb statement) - but if you or I were driving we would
simply pull the trigger a bit harder and compensate , the challenger does
not do this and can wreck its lap times , I even had it once were one part
of a 90 degree R2 curve had poor power the other was good when the car entered
the second part of the bend the extra power gave it to much acceleration in the bend and it kept losing it.


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Success at last - Thanks for all your help

I have spent the last few days tweaking and amending my circuit and it now really gives me a run for my money - also some tips that seem to help

1. I added a small tuner magnet towards the back (Scaley sport one from my TVR and that seems to make a little more sure footed. There is a small slot behind the rear axle and it just fits perfectlywith a drop of super glue

2. It seems to miss the RMS lapcounter a few times when racing and the answer is to true the front tyres as well as the rear and that just puts the guide a fraction lower which seems to solve the problem

I will try the Indy Grip silicones as well - all in all it is superb and it
was just a case of perseverance - thanks all

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