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8e edition Confolens Classic 2022, sur la piste 'Monstre Vert' de Champagne Mouton

Hood Green Car Vehicle Motor vehicle

Date: Saturday & Sunday 24 & 25 September 2022
: Les Terrieres, off Rue Jules Ferry (the D36), 16350 Champagne Mouton, Charente, France.
Contacts: [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]
website for Confolens Slot Racing Club: Log In or Sign Up to View

Classic slot car racing for cars and parts manufactured before 1970

Saturday: 1/32 scale

1) Revel race: 'first generation' kits and RTRs, SP500 motor.
2) Scratchbuilds race.
3) Scalextric Endurance, drivers paired, for Sports/GT cars cat. no. C15 etc.

Sunday: 1/24 scale
1) Sports/GT production race: commercial hard body RTRs and kits.
2) 'Thingies' race: commercial RTRs.
3) Scratchbuilds race.

In other words the classes are unchanged from 2021. There are, however, refinements, without changing the ambiance.


1) Part laps to count. We shall be dividing the lanes into 100 parts and painting on the divisions! Parts to be counted at the end of each 6-heat race. This avoids both the frustration of finishing just behind the lap counter but getting no credit, and the high number of ties between competitors seen this year because only whole laps counted.

2) Extra point awarded to those driving their own car. It was so in 2020 but seemingly overlooked in 2021. This is to encourage competitors to find and fettle their own 1960s slot cars. The Confolens Classic ambiance means, though, that loan cars will still be available through experiened vintage racers' generosity.

3) Number of competitors: limited to 30. To enable racing to finish at a reasonable time Sunday afternoon for those with a long distance to travel. And so we all get fed Saturday evening!

Race classes:

1) 1:32 Revell: Original equipment wheel hubs only. This is to control rear tyre width.

2) 1:24 Thingies: Original equipment chassis only. Thingies are effectively another commercial production class, not a race for scratchbuilds.

3) All classes: Rubber tyres (urethane) only. No silicones, sponge etc. I can hear the cross-Channel cheers from here! Much debated and requested in the two years so far, we'll try to level the playing field for 2022.

Pictures, reports, technical details, debates and opinions in English for the two previous yearly events at Champagne Mouton are here on the Forum, under 'Events' and 'Vintage & Collector's Corner'.

See you here in 2022!
, for Confolens SRC.

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Just thinking ahead, do body and chassis for the 1/24 kit class have to be from the same manufacturer or, for example, could I race an AMT chassis with a Monogram or even a kit body?

Whatever, I would like an entry subject to the state of the world next year. I think I have cars ready for most classes although some might need treating to new tyres.



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John, for the 1:24 standard class the body and chassis have to be from the same manufacturer. What Mark Webster queried this year: "meme maison". The example you give would run in the scratchbuild class.

Yes let's look forward to easier travel in the months to come. I could even try Big Birds and Double Trouble at Rockingham again.
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