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It turns out that the axle holes in the vipers chassis are not drilled symmetrically and it is impossible to get the gears aligned correctly - hence the really noisy mesh - and high possibilty of a failure if i race it.
It is not an ideal situation for a race and I also like the cucaracha and have always been meaning to get one.
Is it clear now?!

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Now that Bordo 2022 has come and gone, and the 8 Heures ScaleAuto de Neuvic come to that, thoughts turn back to our own gathering here in the French countryside on the last weekend in September.

We've been asked to clarify what bodies are allowed in the standard commercial catalogue cars Sports/GT classes. Hard bodies only please, no resin or vacforms. In previous years Cox and Monogram, for example, have been popular choices. Granted some 1960s cars came out of the box with a vacform, so sorry if anyone was planning on running one.


Confolens Classic 2022 at Champagne Mouton

  • 09h00 / 12h00 : free practice all classes EXCEPT THINGIES FT36/36D
  • 14h00 / 15h30 : race 1:32 standard commercial Sports/GT
  • 15h30 / 17h00 : race 1:32 scratchbuilt Sports/GT
  • 17h00 / 18h30 : race 1:32 standard Revell
  • 18h30 / 20h00 : race 1:24 standard commercial Sports/GT
  • 20h00 : Evening meal (and entertainment to be announced)

  • 08h00 : Clubhouse opens
  • 09h00 / 10h30 : race 1:24 scratchbuilt Sports/GT
  • 10h30 / 12h00 : free practice 1:24 Thingies FT36/36D
  • 12h00 / 13h00 : lunch
  • 13h00 / 14h30 : race 1:24 Thingies FT36/36D
  • 14h30 : Results and prize presentation

- Chemin des Terrières (off the D36, Rue Jules Ferry), 16350 Champagne-Mouton, Charente, France.

Technical Regulations
Confolens Classic 2022 at Champagne Mouton

For all races: Pre-1970 parts. No modern parts except for replacement tyres and braids.

The track will be divided into 100 parts to avoid the frustration of finishing just before the lap counter but only being credited with the previous full lap.

Entry number limit: 30. Entries to Jean-Michel Germaneau by 15 September.
Phone/text (0)6 81 26 53 30, email [email protected]

The bonus point returns for drivers taking the start with their own car.

Thingies: 1:24 scale standard commercially available catalogue cars with the chassis corresponding to the body, motor type FT36/36D only. Silicone tyres are permitted in this class only. No Thingies practice is permitted until Sunday 10h30 i.e. until all other classes on their rubber/urethane tyres have practised and raced. (I have a list of Thingies. Richard).

Sports/GT: 1:32 and 1:24 scale, standard commercially available catalogue cars with hard body. Motor, chassis and guide non-modified original parts. The transmission can be from a different manufacturer e.g. a Cox crown gear in a Monogram car. No open-wheeled cars e.g. F1. Rubber/urethane tyres only.

Revell: 1:32 scale. As last year, 'first generation' kits and Ready To Runs (RTRs) i.e. Chevrolet Corvette Stingray, Ferrari 250GTO, Aston Martin DB5, Mercedes 300SL, AC Cobra, Jaguar E-Type. (Note that no mention is made of the UK-only Triumph TR4 and Sunbeam Alpine RTRs, but I can't imagine anyone risking racing these rarities. Richard).
  • No modifications allowed.
  • Revell SP500 motor only. No SP510X, or open-frame Revell-Pittman RP77.
  • Chassis: original aluminium one-piece RTR or 'ladder' kit.
  • Wheels: standard.
  • Tyres: rubber/urethane only.
  • Transmission: free choice but pre-1970 parts.
  • Guide: free choice but pre-1970 parts.

Scratchbuilt: 1:32 and 1:24 scale. No F1 i.e. open-wheeled cars. Repro and vacform bodies are allowed. Chassis can be homemade. Rubber/urethane tyres only.

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The question has been asked about vacform bodies in the two standard Sports/GT classes. i.e. if the catalogue car came with a vacform body, is it eligible or are these classes restricted to hard bodies? The examples given were the Russkit Porsche Carrera 6 (906) in 1:24 and Riko in the smaller scale.

I referred this to le chef. Jean-Mi was not familiar with Riko, for example, but was happy to take my word for it that certain 'catalogue' cars came with vacform bodies as standard and are therefore allowed.

If you are tempted by 1:32 Riko, though, don't forget that not all are from the 1960s. 'Competition' (Rikochet motor), 'Super' (Rikowhip) and 'Trophy' (Rikowhip again) Series were all out before or by the autumn of 1969. These three are thus eligible. The 'Sideliner' anglewinder didn't appear until the early autumn of 1970 and the 'orrible but common GXL - Riko Rocket motor in the Competition chassis with cheapo alloy mounts to take a 'handling' body - is from '73 from memory. They are NOT eligible.

I have lists of which bodies came with which Riko kits, if needed.

Cheers, Richard.

So on the strength of the earlier post which specifically allowed vac form catalogue cars.....I sold a nice 1/24 Cox Cheetah back to Phil Smith and bought a Russkit McLaren which is now according to the above post no longer a legal entry! So why has this decision changed again? I thought that the above quote was the clarification, but is now reversed.....why?


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Hi guys,

Because of this kerfuffle, Phil's idea sounds good: allow both, with a slight penalty for the vac-forms.

Richard is checking with Jean-Michel for a ruling...


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I hope JM goes for this idea (of a penalty for vac-form body "catalogue" cars). It's a good idea, even if one could argue it's unfair and even unnecessary.

At the moment I have yet another car, bought solely for this event, that is currently sitting in my "no longer permitted pile of cars"- because it came as standard with a vac-form body.

At the end of of the day we need to make it simple to choose/source your cars - especially for those people travelling a long way and spending a lot of money to attend this event.
This would also help "numb nuts" like me who don't really know much about the cars, what to run etc etc.

It's sad to read elsewhere that some people have already decided not to attend, because its a good event on a great track - but I can understand their frustrations

So, come on JM accept this sensible proposal - please !

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Too few flights and I won't use Ryanair ever (again)...
Too many rule/class changes.
Too far to drive.

A shame as I really fancied adding another race meeting in Europe :(
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