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Champions league 4/2

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Dont things fly when you are having fun?.

Below are some updated 'rules' for the practise session on the 9th Nov, it was noticed that the calender for Eastcote showed classic cars, these have been changed to the week after, and GT cars have been shoehorned in allowing for practise.


Rules for the class are Standard Sports GT cars from Fly, SCX Scalex or Ninco. Max RPM of motors 23k Motors & tyres must be from the above manufacturers, no parts or tyres, no SCX pro race tyres.

Alternatively visitors may race Porsche 956 inline motors up to 25k, tyres only, no offset mounts.

normal club race fees apply

Otherwise racing will be as normal

Thanks to Rolly for the update via email, (he could have posted here), and I hope to see a good few of you there.

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Looks like I will have to throw a sicky at work, otherwise all you guys will be up to speed way before me

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No practice for me unfortunatly, straight in at the deep end as usual
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For future reference, the BURNT OAK round will be 16th APRIL 2011

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Abbo, what will be the supplied car for the Burnt oak round of the champions league be
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Some of you have made comment about my fiddling with the cars, and if you feel there was anything underhand going on I can assure you all there was nothing, secreted about my person.
not many comments maybe i am being a little paranoid
You have been placed in the same realm as Nelson Piquet jnr
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Abbo, Ron took delivery of his Champions league season 3 book on tuesday evening at Eastcoat. We all agreed it looks a lovely book. But there was some amusement over the two page picture on pages 8-9. On page 8,Ron down is racing his car,and on page 9 he is marshaling another car..... in the same race
Now thats magic
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That's because you damn people won't keep still when I'm trying to take a pic

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Updates to the list that have been posted but may have slipped your attention

Selsden have had to change the posted date due to a double book, so the date has been changed to the 20th of February.

Burnt Oak have posted their date in April, (be warned this is on SATURDAY!!!).

MHSC have to post a date in March.

Please make a note of these changes if you have a list of the dates.


Hope to see a load of you there on Tuesday, should be a good night
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hi guy"s i am a bit confuse about what car"s are racing in round 2 on the 14th nov, are cars being supply by eastcote?? and are they slot-it 956? thanks
Yep - Slot.It Porsches... So bring a Group C car along to practice with (or something that performs similar).

If I remember correctly they all have the standard mabuchi-type motor in them (least ways they're not a large can motor).

See you there.


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sorry me again, need to know time that doors open on sunday, practice time & start time, lunch, home time etc,etc, is there any tea/coffee making? any food to buy?
Hi guys. Slaphead, doors should be open by 9 am,shortly after that practice begins. The racing should start by 11.30,and we stop halfway through that for lunch. Tea,coffee,hot chocalate and soft drinks will be availible,along with crisps and choci bars
. The time we finish will depend on how many drivers turn up? Hope to see some of you guys on tuesday for practise. Matty.
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Just a reminder,
Doors open at 09:00
Coffee tea available as soon as the urn boils, cold sausage rolls, doughnuts and various confectionery available, prices on urn.
Looking forward to it.
A good days racing today - well done chaps!

Final result:

1. Matt Brice - Watford
2. Ken Webb - Watford
3. Jonathan White - Eastcote
4. Paul Hearne - Burnt Oak
5. Keith Fishenden - Viking
6. John Underwood - Oxford
7. Roland Brookes - Eastcote
8. Marc Abbott - Burnt Oak
9. Vince Bartrum - Eastcote
10 Doug Healey - Watford
11. Wayne Goble - Oxford
12. Ron Down - Eastcote
13. Paul Bizzell - West London
14. Martin Dixon - Burnt Oak
15. Dave Druce - Burnt Oak
16. Dave Hill - Burnt Oak
17. Phil Shearsby - Viking
18. Mike Skipper - Viking
19. Peter Healey - Watford
20. Steve T - Viking
21. Pat Chidgey - Viking
22. Chris Brandhan - Selsdon
23. Martin Tomsett - Viking
24. Tony Petucci - Selsdon

I'll work out the Championship positions ASAP and post them up.

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Thanks to Eastcote/MHSC for hosting event

Well done to all that turned up to race

Didn't think it would be long before I got knocked off the top of the score sheet

Some very good racing all day throughout the field

Hope to see you all in New Year at Viking on 23/1/2011

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Another good turnout for todays round. Well done to everybody who turned up. Im quite surprised at my result,as i didnt feel like i had driven that well! I think Ken gets the drive of the day,and he was only just over a tenth of a second behind me
That was flippin close! So next time we all meet will be at the Viking club.See you all there. Matt.
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