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Champions League Round 4 at Oxford 4/3/12

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Round 4 of 2010/12 Season is at Oxford on 4 March 2012

We will be using Fly Racing M1's
Doors open for set up at 8am and practice from 8.30ish
Racing from 10.30 prompt, we will do double heats with all times to count (combined time)
We shall supply a car for competitors to win on day (Lottery)
Tea/coffee available and will do some rolls etc.
Club is open on 7th and 21st of February from 8pm if you want some practice

We've had some good turn outs so far this series, hope you all make the trek out to West Oxfordshire

Not restricted to Champions League clubs only, anyone can enter £8.00 on the day
Cars are supplied and you can run your own analogue controller (also available if required)

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HI John... 50:50 whether I'll be able to make this round, which is a shame.

Also - at the moment we're looking at the first Sunday in May for the Nascot Wood round.

QUOTE (I might get some in before you lot )

Instant disqualification.... fantastic!

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Just need a date for your round then Mr Zendragon. Everything else seems booked.

Re the rules - things are becoming rather slack... we now have drivers adjusting cars before the start (not allowed) and also drivers or team mates adding their own sticky stuff to tyres (deffo not allowed).

Also - what about the one lap practice rule (which I blatantly broke because everyone else was getting four or five laps before the start, so I thought "why shouldn't I"?).

QUOTE fantastic home made cake

Yep - lemon drizzle and chocolate for me... big slices... Racing? What racing???

Champions League address:
QUOTE I was under the impression from the club reps that these dates were not confirmed but were waiting our feedback, as the Nascot round could be put back a month if required???

I put forward the date for Nascot over a month ago and was met with silence...

I asked Paul to put it on the Champ League web site (which he did straight away on February 7th) and it was also placed on our web site.... still no comment.

Nascot booked the hall and also booked catering to make all-comers welcome.

I have informed the Nascot comittee this morning and there a certain amount of disbelief that it has been left until now for someone to say anything.

If people don't turn up, we will loose money and if we cancel we may also loose money. There's also the problem of the hall being booked by other people in the weeks ahead.

When I was "organising" this series I must admit that I felt like I was banging my head against a wall trying to get people geed up, but at least I kept badgering people for answers... but now there seems to be a lack of any leadership whatsoever.

Am I to take it that we will have to try and get a date in June then? (There is an outside chance that we may be able to fill a cancellation on the following Sunday, 13th May).

Please answer quickly, as I will need to inform the people that run the hall and also the lady that will be giving up time to feed you lot.

kind regards

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Nic - your proposed rules are down to whatever your club chooses... that was the original idea behind the series.

However your item 3 seems a bit limp... when I started racing it was tough luck if 6 cars came off in a corner and the marshall got confused. Nowdays people people seem to shout "straight" if their shoe-lace is undone

Seriously though - the original idea was that if it's your club we abide by your rules (as long as they aren't anything really wacko).

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Flange - DrH is amused... not taking the Michael

With regard to the controllers (and other aspects of the hobby too), when newbies turn up and they suddenly find that their beloved Scalextric cars are no good for the sort of racing we do, they do bulk at the price of stuff.
As a committee member at Nascot Wood, I am always battling to save the average racer money and keep him competitive. This includes restricting the types of motors we're allowed and also even the manufacturers.
Fancy controllers DO give an advantage and as I'm not particularly well-off, it demoralises me when I go to an open meeting and find that my car is left gasping for punch on the main straight because the guy next to me has a sudden influx of power from the electronic capacitors and refined wiring that his wallet can afford.
Now okay, it's an open meeting and I don't have to turn up if I don't want to. But I do when time allows because I like to race and I will put up with the fact that the guy next to me has more money.
This series (The Champions League) is designed to be basic. New guys can come along and race. They might fall off every lap and often do. BUT it's to give them the thrill of racing on different tracks against people they wouldn't normally meet etc etc.
Personally, I don't feel like I'm living in the dark ages... I have an Apple Mac for a computer - most people have a PC, they're the ones living in the dark! (That's a joke by-the-way, but it's the same kind of argument).

We had two new guys start at Nascot Wood recently and I don't want to put them off by saying they'll need this and that just to have an outside chance of being competitive.

I used to race BRSCA-type cars (I couldn't afford that either), and that type of racing is FAST... I mean really fast, so I think I can control super-beasts with the rest of 'em. I still probably won't beat Matt Bryce, Trevor Fox, Keith Fishenden and others though

So basically, if you have the skill, you'll win,no matter what type of racing you do. I think the problem with not beating Johnny Foreigner is much deeper. I mean, when they have one of their Rally events in Portugal or Spain, the entire family turns up and the events get sponsorship... meanwhile here in cold dank Blighty, we're standing around in secluded huts drinking tea and arguing about who should be put on first when there's an "off"

Buy me an electronic controller for my birthday - I'll gladly use it at as many events as I can

Hope to see you come and race very soon

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I still think that my Apple Mac is better, faster, crisper display, nice looking, trendy, 21st-Century, costs more and is leagues ahead of all the PC users on here too

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Club cars will be something old but very drivable...
You know, a car that suits an old-fashioned controller.
(We have about 15 of them to choose from)

Look on our Facebook page:

Nascot Wood Facebook

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QUOTE no I mean motors. Abbo wants their members to save money and they insist on ninco which are really the most expensive for what they are. There are better motors that cost less than his club rules state!

A slightly twisted, third-hand, Chinese whispers rumour that you have quoted
AS you know in order to please the majority you have to make sacrifices and what might be really best.

Parma Economy controllers rule!!!! I use a 35ohm virtually everywhere and also take a 25 just in case. The economy ones never break - the turbo versions can be problematic. However, someone let me "feel" (oooo eeeerrrr) their electronic controller the other day and I must say it was the business. Not convinced that you don't get extra speed on the straight though
(or I should think extra acceleration so that you get to top speed quicker).

Mr Slot32 - re the Macs... I was using them as an example. People are saying you should buy an electronic controller because they are better, they do you're ironing and take the dog for a walk etc etc and they can't understand why everyone doesn't use them. The Apple Mac is a super-fast machine, doesn't get viruses (I think we've had two in the past ten years), hardly ever crashes, has a brilliant display, they're easy to upgrade, they don't get bloated with add-ons and start slowing down blah blah blah... AND if you're really mad, you can run Windows on them as well. Even the Mac version of Microsoft Office is a year ahead of the Windows version... so I cannot understand why the whole world doesn't use them

(Please, no mass debate about Windows v Apple - I was just using the scenario as a counter example).

I would love a digital controller of some kind, I would also love to have Championship rounds of Cartrix Formula 1 at Nascot and have 20 lap races instead of 15... but we have a system whereby the voice of the members must be heard, and it's not just me on the committee.

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QUOTE I must say when I did do the round of the champions league , it only took a few hours to sort of get used to a standard throttle again after not touching one for 5 years or so

I must say that the electronic controller I tried would be brilliant for my dodgy hand in an endurance race... I tend to get cramp in the top of my hand after about 45mins, mainly due to the fact that a certain individual stabbed me with a scalpel around 20 years ago and it's never been the same since. They are deffo nice to use

A bit concerned that a driver of your calibre would need a few hours to get used to a normal controller again

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Phil - that "design" logo under your name looks like you've re-discovered Macromedia Freehand version 8 with the add-on vector package. Now that was a good programme - much better than Illustrator!

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