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Champions League Round 4 at Oxford 4/3/12

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Round 4 of 2010/12 Season is at Oxford on 4 March 2012

We will be using Fly Racing M1's
Doors open for set up at 8am and practice from 8.30ish
Racing from 10.30 prompt, we will do double heats with all times to count (combined time)
We shall supply a car for competitors to win on day (Lottery)
Tea/coffee available and will do some rolls etc.
Club is open on 7th and 21st of February from 8pm if you want some practice

We've had some good turn outs so far this series, hope you all make the trek out to West Oxfordshire

Not restricted to Champions League clubs only, anyone can enter £8.00 on the day
Cars are supplied and you can run your own analogue controller (also available if required)

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Yes, we had a brill day out, those cakes made the day special, we had some good laughs on the way home, something to do with a wet toilet seat at Beaconsfields!!!!

We will be ok for April 29th but not the 6th May as it's a bank holiday weekend (stuff already planned) plus Gaydon festival 2 weeks after.

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QUOTE (zendragon @ 4 Mar 2012, 23:47) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Zak sorry to hear that you cant make the last round but hope to see you at the next round seems like the 29th is favourite!!!.

I was under the impression from the club reps that these dates were not confirmed but were waiting our feedback, as the Nascot round could be put back a month if required???

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[quote name='slot32' date='5 Mar 2012, 12:09' post='692664']
MHSC must be well in the lead after that magnificent score.

Only 16 points in front of the Vikings, the pressures on you
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QUOTE (abbo @ 2 Feb 2012, 21:09) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Also - at the moment we're looking at the first Sunday in May for the Nascot Wood round.


Sorry mate, didn't realise that this was a confirmation of the 6th May

I guess i'm a simple man who likes to be given a date in black & white saying "it will be this date"

Love you too
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QUOTE (Flange @ 6 Mar 2012, 18:50) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>Don't know what your missing!

probably serveral hundred pounds from my wallet

Anyhow well said Ken, TBH I like the variables in the supplied cars & timing equipment otherwise it's the same thing over & over again, lets face it at Oxford's track, with the blue lane being so long it probably accounted for most drivers slowest time so you may as well not raced on it!!! but saying that, that's the challenge & we're loving it & still the same faces in the top points positions

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I bought the economy parma's years ago & they are far more reliable than the plus models at our club!!

Don't forget as regards this series if you did bring a gismo controller, you can set it up for your own practice car but then it may be useless as supplied club cars are raced??? each car having it's own controller set up.

I have a gismo controller for use in major comps so the best of both worlds eh?
QUOTE (Gash @ 9 Mar 2012, 20:55) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>I agree phill it is getting boring. I feel sorry for the chap who has bought a decent £40 controller and will have to spend another 40 quid on some piece of turd controller to compete in this series.

Just a dose of reality, some of our members don't even own a controller & have to borrow a club controller for doing w.end events!!
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