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Champions League Round 4 at Oxford 4/3/12

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Round 4 of 2010/12 Season is at Oxford on 4 March 2012

We will be using Fly Racing M1's
Doors open for set up at 8am and practice from 8.30ish
Racing from 10.30 prompt, we will do double heats with all times to count (combined time)
We shall supply a car for competitors to win on day (Lottery)
Tea/coffee available and will do some rolls etc.
Club is open on 7th and 21st of February from 8pm if you want some practice

We've had some good turn outs so far this series, hope you all make the trek out to West Oxfordshire

Not restricted to Champions League clubs only, anyone can enter £8.00 on the day
Cars are supplied and you can run your own analogue controller (also available if required)

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Hope you can make it Marc,

Practice available once track is up (I might get some in before you lot
Racing from 11am

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Most of the snow has gone now, Ice will be the problem later !

You can more or less run anything you want (as long as it isn't faster than mine !)

Good job you phone before you got to far down M40

Slotting Plus Reynard (Darth Vader Special) will be Prize on the day (lottery)

Should have 6 Oxford drivers this weekend

See you all on Sunday

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Thanks to all the competitors that turned up to race today

Some very good racing throughout the day
Will replace tyres for next time

Cakes where made by Lukes Mum

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Happy to go with dates as they are as it doesn't clash with other events at the moment

Luke may bring some with him tomorrow night if there's any left

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One of our lads turned up last night with a extra box ?
2amp socket with a knob on it, whats that Alan ?
Its an adjustable brake box cost less than £10.00

Marc will try and borrow it and bring on Friday night to show you,
He has also modified a std parma controller as well for resistance for less than £10

Think electronic controllers is the way forward (if you cant bet them, join them)
I was lucky in that Wayne got a Tru-speed and his NSR one was surplus to requirements, so managed to buy from him
Am now thinking of upgrading this for something with more Knobs on
Most of us tune-up our cars possibly doubling the cost of said car but using a £20-£40 controller ?

Racing on both Plastic and Wood electronic is way forward for me, far more car control !

Assume Club cars on Friday will be the ones used for your C/L round ?

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