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Champions league series 5

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Hi Guys,

I thought that it was time to ask if you and your clubs wanted to be involved in the next series?.

As you all know Marc has had to withdraw as the scorer but Paul Bizzell has agreed to take over so thanks to both of them,

Unfortunately Selsdon appear not to want to continue in the series so we will not have the same amount of monies next year, but I think we can continue at the same costs to the clubs, so I propose the charges remain the same that is £25:00 from each club as a prize fund and £3:00 extra per person over normal night costs for the club.

Keith if your club is happy would you like to arrange a date in September for the first round.



Yes we want to be involved in the next series. The costs are ok with us.

I will speak to our members & arrange a suitable date in September & let you know.


Oxford (Wayne and myself) will want to enter series 5

Looks like Champions League 6hr endurance is not going to happen ?
Theres a thread on slotforum regarding both possible 24hr and 6hr enduro's next year
If all club reps could ask their members if they would like to compete either as a club or as a combined teams in these events next year. If you can forward onto me and I start a list of willing competitors

Thanks in advance

Hi Ken Yes West London will be taking part again, costs are fine. Russell


Eastcote will be happy to continue in the Champions League next year

Yes - Burnt Oak would love to take part in season 5
However, I think it will be Alan who will be co-ordinating our entry list etc

[email protected]


We have available Sunday Sept 18th as first choice or the 25th as back up, let me know if any events clash

Great looks like we have a fifth series, above was posted on the 6 hour enduro at West London as Abbo appeared to miss it so I thought I would start a new thread as well to promote the first round at Viking on the 18th September, hope to see as many of you as possible at the first round.
Sorry to say we will miss Marcs pictures and earth maps off the tracks but he is busy with new projects, I know we all wish him well and hope he turns up to as many rounds of the series as he can, this means that Alan has been asked to be the club rep for Burnt oak, and Paul Bizzell will be doing the scoring. May I say thanks to both of them for stepping up to the plate.

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I must add my thanks to Adrian,keith an co,who hosted a great days racing.
. Im more than happy with coming away the top visiting driver in fifth,which is alot better than i managed this time last year
. looking forward to the next round now. Matt b.
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