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Champions League

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The first round of this six round series will be held on the 18th September, and we will be in Faversham Kent racing scalex Nascars, with no magnets Zakspeed has told us that the club will supply cars for practise as we dont race these cars as a class or even for fun at any of the other clubs in the series, 01843 582259 is the contact number for the club if any of you want to come along for a look or even to join.
The reason for the heading!!!, all you have to bring along is your STANDARD controller no electric controllers are allowed you dont even have to bring a car as these are provided, a lot cheaper than the other series running on the same day.
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Sorry, i thought zendradon was talking about racing in genral
my mistake

John. its a large green flat boring track with very little areas of interest something like digital racing 22 items running around running into the rearends of one and other

OMG did I really say that

wheres that sofa I can hide behind
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I have counted five from MHSC for Sunday could be a few more but not sure loking forward to the first round what time will you be open

21 - 23 of 23 Posts
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