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Hi all

I mentioned on another thread that i can't find a track planner that works on an Apple Mac.

I need a little help please.

I need to design a 4 lane track layout for racing (rather than looking nice).

The track will be SCX (non digital) same spec as Scalextric Classic.

The boards for the track will be MDF and within reason as many as we like (say 6 max). MDF board size is 1220mm x 2440 mm. So:

2440 mm x 4880 mm
3660 mm x 4880mm
2440 mm x 3660mm etc, etc.

There will be space all round for the drivers and marshals etc (i.e. it's in free space, not against a wall).

You can use any current SCX track sections except the sliding curves.

The layout design can include a bridge if required - more than likely.

All lanes should be as equal as possible, cross overs on straights and curves can be used.

Post you designs on the Forum or email them to me and if i use your design i'll send you an SCX Dome, SCX promo baseball cap and a few SCX stickers.

The layout will be used for an NSCC International Slot Car Race Championship (heats and finals) running from May 2004 - May 2005 (full details will be posted soon!).

Soon as possible please i need to order all the track!!!!!

All the best

Gareth Jex

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the previous version of the 'free' carrera trackplanner was both for PC and Macintosh. It was not a very great one though - but I guess it was 'slightly' better than nothing. Maybe someone who has better Carrera contacts than me could help out a little...


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Here's one that should provide some speed and some braking points and some technical areas.. leaves room for some basic scenery like grandstands.

It's on a 2440 mm x 4880 mm table and all 4 lanes are identical in length at 18.4 meters (a little over 60 feet)

There are no crossovers...I personally don't like them on a 4 lane racing layout.

Im going to do another more technical circuit later, but I thought I'd throw this one out to you~

Direction is counter clockwise.. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>


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Hi Gareth
I did this on SlotMan. Space (without borders) is 4860mm by 3650mm

Each lane is 30.24m and the following sections are used:
74 x Full Straight
28 x Half Straight
8 x Quarter Straight
16 x Inner curve
39 x Standard curve
62 x Outer curve
16 x Outer Outer curve

I'm a big fan of R1 curves. I think they are a great equaliser!
And I agree with Kev, I'm not a fan of crossovers, (Also I don't use sideswipes and "chicanes")


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