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Hi to everybody,

the Championship be initiated Tourism Torquemadaslot 2011!

The duration will be of 7 competitions that will actually bring us at the end of the year, the confirmed models they are brought in the Technical Rule, but they are exclusively generally models in category WTCC, DTM and GT of brand SCX.

With these models it will be possible to also use a lot of body for the Championship HRS.

Among the models confirmed there are faster cars of others, to approach the performances of the various slotcars has been necessary to use back tires to scarce grip, equal for all so that not to put in crisis the front-axle assembly.

For some models it has been necessary to make to move the body on the chassis using some metric screws.

With these small changes and the feeding brought to 13 Volts, the discrepancy of the various models is clasped a lot, leaving the decision to insert some ballast in the chassis to improve the behavior of the car to the pilots.

This Championship will develop him on different tracks and will reserve some surprises...

Firsth Competition: Track Polistil Temperatura of 25°C and 46 Damp%

In the first manche two are compared immediately pilot extremely fast!

Fabio and Stefano respectively with Aston Martin GT and Mercedes DTM

In this day in spring the track is already enough warm, the autos are equipped with the new tires PKS ruled to low profile, furnished by the Sponsor Evotecshop.

The first competition of the Championship Tourism Torquemadaslot depart 2011!

In these first laps the pilots are very near, and nobody succeeds in outdistancing the other... the Mercedes defends very well him from the Aston Martin!

Fabio tries to outdistance Stefano, but the Aston Martin is to the limit of the grip it succeeds in recording exceptional once: 9,079 ses. but an error of too much it frustrates his advantage.

In the second manche Stefano has the possibility of sferrare the attack to Fabio, but the Mercedes has some problem of feeding losing speed in acceleration. The Mercedes doesn't succeed in defending himself from the Aston Martin, that finishes the competition with 59,41 laps against the 58,91 laps of Stefano

Provisional classification:

1 - Fabio Fiorentini Aston Martin 59,41

2 - Stefano Poggianti Mercedes 58,91

2° Turn: Andrew with Ferrari 599 vs Mario with Aston Martin

We remember that the furnished tires are personally assigned, and after the competition they must be redelivers to the organization that will be responsible of the custody and of the redelivers to the respective owners in the following competition.

This means that the pilots will also owe to manage the consumption of the tires.

The second turn depart!

These autos are beautiful to also be seen in movement, Andrea and Mario they offer us a spectacular performance, seem the festival of the Drift!

The Ferrari and the Aston Martin have a very sure front-axle assembly and they also face with boldness the most exaggerated skiddings, the pilots they are confident on the duration of their tires...

the characteristics of Andrew and Mario are very similar, and they often exchange the positions, there is a lot of competition among them, even if the times in track don't make justice to the show that they have offered us.

They finish their competition with Andrew to 53,27 turns and Mario with 51,01 turns.

The provisional Classification is:

1 - Fabio Fiorentini Aston Martin 59,41

2 - Stefano Poggianti Mercedes 58,91

3 - Andrea Filippini 53,27

4 - Mario Felladi 51,01

3° turn with Paolo and Floriano, respectively on Seat Leon and Mercedes.

Another novelty of this year is the assignment of a penalty of 2 laps for the first one and of 1 lap for the second place.

These turns will be climbed in the following competition, with this system we will try to make the most charming Championship, the time will tell if our calculations have been correct.

The third turn depart also!

The small Leon he defends well, even if the Mercedes of Floriano seems a missile!

Paul has some difficulties in the slow part of the track, where his Seat seems to be less stable than the Mercedes.

The motors and the grip of the tires of the two cars are similar, but the small Spaniard seems really to the limit, in fact Paul has tried to hold the track of Floriano, but he has been risky and he has had to pay too much some errors of.

The times in track of Paul and Floriano are identical: 9,390 s. but the Mercedes closes with 59,22 laps and the Seat with 56,50 laps

The provisional Classification is:

1- Fabio Fiorentini Aston Martin 59,41

2- Floriano Poggianti Mercedes 59,22

3- Stefano Poggianti Mercedes 58,91

4- Paolo Di Marco Seat 56,50

5- Andrea Filippini 53,27

6- Mario Felladi 51,01

4° turn with Simone and Mauro, respectively on Mercedes and Ferrari 550.

Go! Simone with his Mercedes immediately imposes a very fast rhythm, the Ferrari 550 of Mauro pursue without losing in contact.

As always Mauro offers us a spectacular pilot, but it is in the second part of competition that Simone is fastest recording the good turn of the competition in 9,040 s.

Mauro with the Ferrari is defended very well, but in this competition it was impossible to contain Simone and his Mercedes.

The provisional Classification is this:

1- Simone Filippini Mercedes 61,41

2- Fabio Fiorentini Aston Martin 59,41

3- Floriano Poggianti Mercedes 59,22

4- Mauro Fanfani Ferrari 550 59,13

5- Stefano Poggianti Mercedes 58,91

6- Paolo Di Marco Seat 56,50

7- Andrea Filippini 53,27

8- Mario Felladi 51,01

The competition of Fabrizio has been burnt by a technical problem, in fact in the exasperation to want to reduce at the most the resistance of the transmission, the yelding of the crown is verified.

For Fabrizio it has been as to race with an only tall march, little acceleration and "0" braked...

The Audi has concluded its competition finishing in last position however.

These are the results of the competition:

As it is possible to see from these results, the performances of these models are superior to those recorded from our precedent Championship GT Economy 2010.

Today the Mercedes seem to be the fastest, but it are soon still for judging, considering that in competition 2 the track will have a fund and a different sketch, and that Simone will have a gap to recover of 2 laps, while Fabio of 1.

A regard to everybody and a special thanks to Slotmagazine for the space that will reserve us on the magazine of the slot!

Competition 2 Championship Tourism Torquemadaslot 2011

After a longer break of the usual one it begins the second competition of the Championship Tourism Torquemadaslot 2011, the track it is a new SCX 4 passages that it will be developed and improved in the time.

Ready for the first Manche

The pilots that will be challenged they will be Stefano Poggianti on Mercedes C Klasse DTM 32P, Mauro Fanfani on Ferrari 550 GTs 36P, Carlo Masi on Aston Martin GT 0P, Fabio Fiorentini on BMW M3 GT 45P.

We remember that to Fabio Fiorentini 1 turn of gap will be climbed because in competition 1 had conquered the second place.

The total duration will be of 16 minutes, 4 minutes to passage.

The rotation of the passages is alternate and is stability from our system of timing Laptimer.

Times 16.00 departs the first Manche!

If you desire to see the images of the competition visited our Torquemadaslot Channel

Fabio immediately has to defend himself from Stefano that with his Mercedes it is rapid making to record the good time of the layout 6,797 s. followed by Fabio with 6,868 s. they are two pilot exceptional!

Mauro on Ferrari is in challenge with Carlo on Aston Martin, it is a pleasure to see to race them, their guide it is very aggressive.

This is a completely new track for Carlo, has not turned here never and the results that has gotten are excellent!

Returning to the couple that conducts the competition, we signal too much some problem of for Fabio in fact the rhythms imposed by Stefano they are tall and Fabio is to the limit of his BMW, some exit of too much and some error of the commissioners and here that the discrepancy between Stefano and Fabio becomes big.

This Manche finishes with Stefano to the first one set by the tall one of his/her 131,23 turns, Fabio in second position with 121,04 turns, Carlo in third position with 119,61 turns and Mauro in fourth grade with 117,34 turns.

During this Manche there have been cases in which the Ferrari in skidding has passed under the chronometer of the Aston Martin, the turns have been correct in the final calculations, but in the next competition you/they will be brought some changes to the layout to avoid this type of problems.

Times 16.30 departs the second Manche!

Here Simone Filippini will be challenged on Mercedes C Klasse DTM, Fabrizio Simonetti on Audi A4 DTM, Floriano Poggianti on Renault Megane Trophy, Andrea Filippini on Ferrari 599 GT.

We remember you that to Simone Filippini 2 turns of gap will be climbed because in Competition 1 had conquered the pole position.

During the departure the Audi has had a black-out, and Fabrizio has participated in the competition thanks to Fabio that has made him the proper Aston Martin available.

The pilots depart and after the first turns see that Floriano with his Renault is never wrong! He succeeds in being fast but thing more important very regular, this allows him to take the head of the Manche.

Immediately behind Simone with his Mercedes it pursues Floriano trying not to make to escape him.

Fabrizio with the Aston Martin tries not to make himself detach from the Mercedes, but it is not cinch, while Andrea pays too much some error of with his Ferrari.

At the end of the competition have the final results!

be interesting to underline the good abilities of Carlo that, with the same auto used by Fabrizio, and without to have ever turned on this footstep has gotten good performance!

In Gara3 Stefano and Floriano they will have to respectively discount -2 turns of gap and -1 turn of gap.

This is the Classification you Pilot adjourned:


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Competition 3 Championship Tourism Torquemadaslot 01 July 2011 th 2011

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to the hours 21.30 on the track Torquemadaslot in Florence with a temperature of 25°C and a 52% damp, begins the third competition of the Championship Tourism Torquemadaslot 2011.

Considered the elevated usury of the tires PKSs and the imposed limits on the supply, this it will be the last competition that will dispute him with the Spanish tires, in fact after the summer break of the month of August, the models can be equipped only with the back tires NSR cod. 5248.

The track has been lengthened of around 1,5 meters after the tunnel, to which the illumination has been applied also.

The pilots are ready to challenge him in the first manche and they prepare him to the by:

Mario Felladi on your Aston Martin, Paolo Di Marco on your Seat Leon, Fabrizio Simonetti on your Audi A4, Paolo Petrini on your Mercedes C Klasse.

For Paolo Petrini it is the first competition of Championship and introduces him with a Mercedes C Klasse, the same model that today it is in head to the classification of the fastest autos.

Fabrizio proposes his Audi instead with a kit lights modified and conceived for the competitions in nighttime, this will be a competition test before facing the next Endurance Torquemadaslot.

The pilots depart and initially it are Paolo Di Marco on his Seat Leon that it conducts the competition, followed by Paolo Petrini and immediately behind Fabrizio with his Audi, a pò more detached the Aston Martin driven by Mario.

During the competition Paolo Petrini succeeds in detaching himself from the attack of the Audi, putting himself to the pursuit of the Seat of Paul.

After the first halves competition the Mercedes reaches the Seat and overcomes it, concluding the manche with 143,03 turns while Paolo Di Marco on Seat closes with 140,36 turns, Fabrizio Simonetti on Audi with 130,01 turns and Mario Felladi on Aston Martin with 120,05 turns.

They prepares to the departure of the second manche:

Stefano Poggianti Mercedes C Klasse , Floriano Poggianti Renault Megane Trophy, Simone and Andrea Filippini Mercedes and Ferrari.

In departure the motor of the Mercedes of Simone has a small problem of overheating and decrease of the power, but the problem is alone momentary, in fact in the first part of competition the two Mercedes of Stefano and Simone fight for the before and the second position.

Toward halves the competition Stefano takes the command, and Simone has to defend his second position from the attack of the Renault of Floriano.

The second part of competition has seen the dominion of the Mercedes and Stefano, while the challenge between Simone and Floriano has been very charming beside with numerous passing side fighting for the second position of the platform.

Andrea with his Ferrari has succeeded in entering only the rhythm competition toward the end, a non perfect regulation of his command and the few tests in track with his Ferrari has surely limited his result.

At the end of the competition it is Floriano with his Renault to deserve the second place and this is the classification of the competition:

In this competition some problem of reliability is not occurred, very useful the system of illumination under the tunnel, especially in the evening hours, where the commissioners can have difficulty in the recoveries.

This is the classification you pilot after the third competition of Championship:

For the next competition Stefano will have a gap of -2 laps, while Floriano of -1 lap there is to consider that despite the gaps the quarter in classification has an important separation, in expectancy a greater value of the gaps could be considered by to assign.

The competition 4 will dispute him in September after the summer break of the month of August, with the new tires Nsr there will be also some updatings on the regulations of some cars so that to be able to manage the most greater grip offered by the Italian rubbers.

There am instead here a pò of general information illustrated with some graphs:

A regard to everybody and the next competition...
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