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a friend designed me a track in dxf format, the machine that is going
to be cnc routing the track needs a mpf format.
does anyone here know how to change from dxf to mpf?
i will gladly pay for your services.
i have already bought the supplies, including the bits, track
material, rail, etc.
i really need some help can e-mail me off list is you would
like. i am opening a race shop and need this asap.
send an e-mail and i can call you, or give you my number to call me.
[email protected]

thank you all for the info,


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Talk about coincidences !!!
I have (nearly) the same problem : I've designed my track in AutoCAD (dwg > dxf ), but I've been told that the CNC router "wants" something called *.eps , which is still a vector format, but apparently more keyed to Corel Draw

Anyway, I called the laser cutter who had done my previous tracks (and had no problem with dwg), and he told me that :
- one should look at the various formats - in addition to dwg and dxf - your AutoCAD can save files in (I have AutoCAD LT with limited options, but I believe full AutoCAD has more)
- if none of these are acceptable, there are specific translation programs

OK, what this really means, I'm interested too !!


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Just had a word with the guys in the drawings studio (them upstairs!)

.eps file is an Adobe illustrator file

.mpf is not listed in any of our file format readers (and we have most) so they assume it is something very very specific or a typo.

Creating an .eps file from a dxf (Auto Cad) file is pretty straight forward.

You should be able to open a dxf file in Illustrator and save it as a eps, or jpeg format.

Alternatively you should (depending on the version you have) be able to open the dxf file in Auto Cad and re-save as a .eps.

This all requires you to one of the above programs.

Please don't ask me to get any more technical - the last time I did any real drawings I used a pen and pencil!!!


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I'm impressed (this from a guy who's been spending the last two days struggling to fix his avatar)
Not that I understand any of this : I'll simply pass it on to the young darvish at the CNC shop !

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