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The above are correct, but there are easier ways to do it.

One way to achieve what you want is to take out the power base section and turn it around before replacing it in the circuit.

Another way is to purchase another, extra, power base section and place it in the circuit facing the opposite way to the original. Then you can choose into which power base you connect the controls. This would save having to dismantle any track thereafter.

If you have some electrical ability you might consider adding a reversing switch to the existing power base.

Other possibilities are to track down a Scalextric Power Base that already incorporates a reversing switch. SSR 8014 is one. Another is SSR 8066, the Power Plus System that also adds a braking facility and ability to add a second power supply.These items are no longer made but can sometimes be found.
More details available at FW - Power Bases
I hope one of these approaches might help.
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