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There's an article on my layout's website on using two Scaley Sport powerbases oriented in opposite direction to enable you to race in either direction. This is the easiest way to go if you don't want to do any soldering.

The most important thing to note is to remove all controllers from the powerbase you are not using.

You can use either single or double wall warts or a DC power supply. The article focuses on using a DC power supply and has a procedure to follow when you change directions. A variable power supply adds a lot to slotting, in my opinion.

The best solution, of course, is to build your own wiring harness that includes a switch to reverse directions. There's a schematic for such a harness, that includes a switch to turn dynamic braking on and off as well as the polarity switch, at this link: schematic.

You don't have to have a permanent layout to use the harness. There are only two wires coming off of the harness to go to each lane and you can use the terminal end of scaley booster cables for these wires, which makes connecting or disconnecting easy. If you do build a permanent layout at some point you've got your power wiring done.

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