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Chaparral 2F

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The Dapretto Chaparral 2F is now available in the UK. Rather steeply priced at £125 each, though.

On the subject of Chaparral's, pictured below is a 2J which Mark Gussin kindly built for me, based on one of Peter Pre's superb resin kits.

With kind regards,

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QUOTE Top Slot will be bringing out a Chapparal 2E, 2F, 2G, 2H and 2J.

Thanks Russell - Christmas seems to comes earlier each year

Great news for Chappy FANs (pun intended

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QUOTE suggestions where to get some decent looking Chaparral magnesium wheels/wheel inserts for my Top Slot 2D

Hi howmet tx - I remember seeing someone had adapted Fly Capri wheels somehow. Can't recall where I saw it or how they did it but it might set you thinking...
Hi howmet - I love spot the difference

The thing that really bothers me is the radiator intakes. These had a cross bit what-cha-ma-call-it thingie about 1/3 way down. This is fairly prominent on the prototype and might be what is apparently throwing the roof line out visually.

There are a couple of other minor things like the side window opening positioning and the absence of the high cockpit mirror (Daytona car only) that may be questionable?

I think you're right about the wheels and wing struts too.
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...note that the nose "letter-box" shown in the Model Cars picture did not appear until Nurburgring in late May '67 so the two models here are prototypically correct in not having this feature.

Of course in those days they did not have in-car radio communication like we do today so, when the car passed the pits, the mechanics would simlply post a message through the letter-box at which point a "you got mail" sign would light up on the dash
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Model Car & Track went through a period in or around '67 where they published plans in 3 scales. Oddly, they were ALL sized incorrectly: 1/24 too small, 1/32 too small and HO which were too big too small - as they were printed in twice actual wrong scale!

Presumably something went slightly awry at the printing stage - I don't know.

I have never seen anyone comment on this before but I wonder if anyone else here noticed at the time or ever saw an explanation?

The articles and plans were often prepared by Walkden Fisher and were beautifully illustrated. They included cars both ancient and (then) modern like the Mercedes Benz W125 and Repco Brabham BT-19 for example.

I recently restored one of my old wrecks, an Airfix Vanwall using one of these plans for dimension reference after having rescaled them on my PC. Funny how technology came to the rescue three'ish decades down the line!
Hi RR - a Walkden Fisher painting? Do I dream at night?

Again, I don't know if you are already aware but Model Car and Track ran a series "Famous Cars in Restrospect". These articles usually had an article and a full page b&w drawing of the car in question. I don't know if they were all penned by WF but some certainly were.

Any of these in your attic too Russell?

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Also, back in the sixties you could buy these fantastic US model car mags "off the rack" at my local (then London) newsagents - no pre-ordering, heady days for slot racing!
- shameless plug though Phil

What type of chassis does it have? Are those Fly wheels?
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That was YOUR copy of Model Cars?
Sorry Howmet

I suppose all this mag nostalgia is a bit off topic but no-one seems that struck by the Chappy anyway. I have my avatar as a sort of excuse though
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I do mind actually. It's deeply personal.

<-- chappy (nearly on topic
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Are you trying to get in the top ten posters list here howmet? We can all play at that game matey

Blob body eh? Have a good laugh eh? moosh-up eh?

Well, I have to say that looks great to me howmet tx. And ten quid!

As you say not quite right for the BOAC but in this day and age you don't need a letterbox - just put an antenna on the roof and it'll be fine (sorry, I'm milking that gag a bit now)

Seeing the "squared off" rear wheel arch makes me realise that the Dapretto has that wrong too

Nice one tx
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