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Chaparral 2F

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The Dapretto Chaparral 2F is now available in the UK. Rather steeply priced at £125 each, though.

On the subject of Chaparral's, pictured below is a 2J which Mark Gussin kindly built for me, based on one of Peter Pre's superb resin kits.

With kind regards,

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Thanks John.

Actually the car is an incredibly accurate model of the revolutionary lexan bodied 2F with which alt/Jim Hall won one of the parallel universe World Sports Car Championships. It is an interesting matter of fact that since there are an infinite number of alternate, parallel universes, everything is in fact possible and all models are 100% accurate. Except the Dapretto one. And in the parallel universe in which my prototype ran, there is in fact a strange twist in the physical laws which mean that you can run the airfoil upside down and still generate downforce. As I'm sure you noticed.

And I guess a digital camera is the secret, n'est pas?

Now get back to work everyone, and stop wasting your time reading this rubbish.
Howmet TX, I knew you could do it! That "lowly" vacuum formed body does look great. I did a Lancer Chaparral 2E back in the '60s with a wing, I did win races with it, but it was a little tippy in the slow corners. Is the picture you posted a scan of a photograph or a still from a camcorder? In any case you will get better results from a digital camera. You don't need a lot of megapixels since you have to shrink the pictures to post them, but more expensive cameras offer a lot more flexibility for difficult lighting conditions, macro photography, etc..
Thanks Rich, couldn't have done it without you. I've asked Santa for a digital, but I'm afraid I'm just going to get the digit.

Season's greetings, one and all.
41 - 43 of 43 Posts
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