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Ever since I first saw the 3D work on the chassis I wanted to try one of Gareths' chassis. I love the concept and the way it makes the cars look on track and couldn't resist getting one of the chase-cars bodies to go with the chassis too, this one the 74' Dodge Monaco. So here's a few pics of the build so far...'s the body as it came, a very nice slush cast, with nice detail and just a couple of bits that needed filling where it just didn't quite get the desired thickness along the bottom edge on one side....

the detail...

so I opened the windows out and put a shot of primer on and made up some bull bars..

bull bars are just brass rod and styrene tube, and should be robust enough take any impacts...

...sprayed some silver on the bumpers and white on the doors and roof....

and after some masking up and black paint all the spraying is finished. Went over the colours with matt white and black to tone it all down an get it ready for dirtying up. Also modified the interior to give the figures a bit more interest as the windows will be down. I put 4mm lenses into the headlights and this is where I'm at with it now...

...still lots to do, finish the interior, fit the glass and dirty it up and paint on the livery.

Big thanks to Gareth for making these kits available, the chassis is superbly engineered and look foward to finishing this and giving it a blast.
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Cheers John, yes it did. Don't have a picture of if right now but they are vac formed seperate pieces.

PS. I didn't post pictures of the chassis build as that's been covered elsewhere on here and on the chase-cars website. I just followed the instructions on there and it went togther without any dramas.
The styrene tube goes all the way through the front of the shell, its pretty thick there so should be OK
. Does anyone know if there should be a horizontal bar joining the the two uprights?
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Hi Martin, the figures were made using the kit heads, a couple 30's driver figure bodies and shaved the the top pockets off to look like a jacket and some airfix army figure arms, all bits that were in my bit's box! more pictures to follow as the dirtying up is done and livery on!
So here's a few more pics now I've finish the bodywork. First John asked about the glass, here it is...

I didn't use it as I'd filed out the windows before checking the fit so made my own

For Martin here's a close up of the interior, still a bit to do on this...

and here's the car with the grubby finish and glass in...

I hand painted on the bits and bobs instead of using the kit decals as I preferred a more battered look on this one. The weathering was done with humbrol acrylic colour No. 118, just watered down and wiped on and roughed up with a tissue before it dried, quick and easy and does the job. Happens to be the same colour as the police badge on the doors and the 'P1' lettering. Finish hasn't come out that well in the pics, looks a lot better in the flesh.

PS. thanks for the info on the push bar, I re-made mine to look more like the real thing.
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Thanks for kind words, yep Belushi is the shorter, just need to add sideburns and sunglasses

Not sure what the roof speaker would do to the handling!!!
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Mission complete....

...need to make a nice shiny sheriffs car now to chase it, but which livery? I don't want to do the plain white livery, there's these three...

Miami Vice..

The Fall Guy..

New York cop livery...

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Hi Martin, I thought about that one but its just plain white with blue stripe, looking to do something with a bit more to it.
Here's a couple of (rubbish) video's of the fantastic cornering with these chassis, very realistic and great, great fun...

if the video's don't work can someone please tell me how to embed them here properly, thanks.
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Here's the 77 Dodge Charger in Miami Vice livery...

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