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Chassis advice for a German beast..!

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I was wondering if anyone had any experience of the resin bodykits made by Ditech of Germany.

A quick pic just help jog some memories.

The reason I ask is cos on Sunday I purchased a rather fine Ditech resin kit of the BMW 320 Group 5 racer (from the MK swapmeet) - a real beast of a machine, and I thought what on earth type of chassis is gonna fit this machine?

A Slot-it HRS chassis would seem too small and there is no fixing posts on the inside of the body to mount the chassis to - I was wondering about a TSRF (is that right?) metal chassis, but I just don't know.

Help... please!

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TSRF will fit, also the 1/32 Schoeler or the new Plafit Mini.
As thsi is a big an heavy body I personally would tend to use a Schoeler with brass underpan...
...I know the DiTech-chassis - as I know the Parma Excaliber - and I did not mention these as they are NOT competitive!

Give the Schoeler a try - most of the german E-shops sell them. @ Swiss - my 1/24 Alcan-BRM is running on the bigger chassis which has them same principles - and whe I remember right, I showed you how to assemble the 1/32-chassis once

Plafit Super 32 - €41,41

Schoeler Puma Messing Chassis

24€ plus the cost for axles, wheels, ball bearings, motor, guide...
available at Jens Scaleracing
This is one of the best shops in Germany where you can get everything you need for scratchbuilding! Dieter jens speaks english and his shop descriptions are partially english - so give him a try!

The completely assembeled chassis with 4 ball bearings is 55€ - a lot of money but usefull if you've just 2 left hands and 10 thumbs

Buy the parts - it's much cheaper! And you will recieve one of the best chassis available!

What I forgot to mention is the Sakatsu

More or less the level of the old Plafit Mini - and is a RTR-chassis for 56€ - but sponge-tires and most of the times wheel sizes which don't fit the car.
Best would be to send Dieter a mail and to ask him what he suggests.
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