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Chassis advice for a German beast..!

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I was wondering if anyone had any experience of the resin bodykits made by Ditech of Germany.

A quick pic just help jog some memories.

The reason I ask is cos on Sunday I purchased a rather fine Ditech resin kit of the BMW 320 Group 5 racer (from the MK swapmeet) - a real beast of a machine, and I thought what on earth type of chassis is gonna fit this machine?

A Slot-it HRS chassis would seem too small and there is no fixing posts on the inside of the body to mount the chassis to - I was wondering about a TSRF (is that right?) metal chassis, but I just don't know.

Help... please!

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Hi Gecko.
That's an agressive looking machine!
What are the wheelbase and track?
The main limitation of the HRS chassis is that it needs to be under a wide body. There is provision for one normal post mounting at the front of the chassis, you can make the body post with styrene tubing, but usually body mounting is done via the side arms. Pockets are glued to the body sills and the sides are flexed to mount the body. Most resin bodies wouldn't like this too much.
I only have a small amount of experience with a TSRF chassis (in 1:24 scale). Do you think a sidewinder layout would fit under that body? I'd guess not.
I'm sure I've seen other inline adjustable chassis kits announced on this forum. Try checking back.
Hope this helps.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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