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Chassis advice for a German beast..!

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I was wondering if anyone had any experience of the resin bodykits made by Ditech of Germany.

A quick pic just help jog some memories.

The reason I ask is cos on Sunday I purchased a rather fine Ditech resin kit of the BMW 320 Group 5 racer (from the MK swapmeet) - a real beast of a machine, and I thought what on earth type of chassis is gonna fit this machine?

A Slot-it HRS chassis would seem too small and there is no fixing posts on the inside of the body to mount the chassis to - I was wondering about a TSRF (is that right?) metal chassis, but I just don't know.

Help... please!

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They have their own site here (see above) and packed full of interesting stuff it is! Especially 1/32 scale slot stuff. It is only in Germanbut there are pics of almost everything.

Gecko they do their own chassis, which might be worth a look, especially at the price. I posted some details below for you..

Technische Daten ( Technical Data)

Gewicht (Weight) 21 g - Länge (Length) 90-120 mm - Breite (Width) 37 - 55 mm - Radstand (Wheelbase) 61 - 94 mm

Reference number: DP C 32-001. It is €25.00 for what you see below.

Their tents, pavilions, trailers and 1/24th stuff is also wonderful.

Anyone experienced this Company before? I am willing to count on help from thomas here :)
There isn't much on the German scene he does not know or has not tried.
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