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Chassis building

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I'd love to see more pics of chassis in all their wonderful variety- especially with build details, too. Graham has some fantastic ideas, I see, and Russell sets the mark for craftsmanship so far, but let's see some more! I especially want to know about ideas for improved handling (doh!)
Mrs Howmet has promised to knit some prizes for the most interesting posts.

To set the ball rolling, herewith my first go at a 1/24 'retro' car, '67 period or thereabouts. Straightforward brass/piano wire inline with drop arm and floppy outriggers. Still looking for an appropriate motor.....

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Really nice work, John!

Looking forward to seeing progress on the P34, John and Howmet! Here's a good reference site.

I recall seeing pictures of Tony Mills' ECRA Constructors Trophy winning F1 car in 1981. Beautifully built, it was unusual in that it only had 4 wheels -- most of the winning F1 cars were 6 wheeled Tyrrell P34s!

Kind regards

It seems strange that there has been so much discussion down the years as to whether or not front wheels serve any useful purpose at all on slot cars. Yet, here were many of the most successful drivers opting to stick an extra two up front!
Great Work John.

Nice to see the "old stagers" out again, (Umm...that's the cars not the builder!).


Hi John

I think that in the case of the ECRA F1 cars, the additional front wheels really just gave the benefit of outboard weight. I seem to recall that there was a limit on the width of the chassis.

Here's a picture of Villeneuve trying to mate his Ferrari with Petersen's 6-wheel Tyrrell:-

Kind regards

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QUOTE Here's a picture of Villeneuve trying to mate his Ferrari with Petersen's 6-wheel Tyrrell
hmm.. I guess that didn't go too well then - I've never seen a baby Tyrrari (or a Ferrell)
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....and Mrs Howmet says, with some authority, that's not the way you do it.
...well, at least their relationship got off to a flying start.
Came down to earth with a bump, though.
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