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Here is my idea for a chassis. In all probablity this is not a new idea, has been tried and does not work, however I wish to share...

Chassis Design
(Lame board won't allow dynamic pages...)

The chassis plate is fitted as high as possible whist remaining under the axel height. Raise the COG? you say. The chassis will be made of sheet carbon fibre. The space below leaves room to add as much weight, as low down, as you want. Also if you can't drive, a magnet. Sorry, I take it back. Stuff will be glued down, probably by a hot glue gun, unless anyone has any bright ideas.

What do you think?

Another idea, that I can't be arsed to illustrate. Anyone tried a monocoque chassis yet? Or a twin keel? Would that help?


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Interested to see your chassis idea but unable to browse your link.
Tried twice, once in the morning and once in the evening.


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QUOTE most fo het itme evreyting is seplt rong

Liquid lunches are great... I was able to read that on the first try!

Lotus: I can't say whether or not your idea will produce a good handling car (though it is quite interesting!) , but the design concept could also be used as a first step in a two-step process. Build the high version, determine the best weight placement after experimenting, then build a second chassis with the CF pan at a low level with weights mounted in cutout areas of the chassis as per the earlier testing. Keeping everything as low as possible is usually the best approach. Regardless though, I like your thinking.... it's "outside the box"!
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