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Chassis Jigs...

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Since I can't find my Champion chassis jig, I need to whip up a simple jig in a hurry... like today.

Any of you using a home-made setup? If so, what is it? Any info would be appreciated!
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Should have made myself clearer...
I'm more interested in what material you place components on while soldering... graph paper tends to ignite.

I'll explain my Champion jig, so you know where I'm coming from. It was a block of some heat-proof material, about 3/4" thick, 4" wide, and 7" long. It had pre-drilled holes and you could add your own, and 1/16" pins inserted in the holes held everything square.

I can work around the alignment issue, but what I'm after most are suggestions for a surface material. I could use aluminum, but I'm not sure my iron could cope with the heat-sinking effect it would have.
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QUOTE Fergy, is this another excuse ?...........................

On the contrary, it's so I don't need to come up with any!

Thanks to Russell's generosity, I have a spare jig of his enroute from Dubai! What can I say?
There's some mighty great people in this hobby!

And, Beejay, you will be both shocked and pleased to know that my motor mount and rear bearing carriers are fabricated and awaiting soldering, I have 99% of the parts at hand, bought a new soldering iron this morning, and have turned my entire woodworking shop into the "Matra factory"!

Still, I think any info in this thread may be highly worthwhile to others, so if anyone has leads on jigs (like Nico, Dick, and Beejay above), or details of their own custom jig, please add on to this thread!
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1 - 4 of 9 Posts
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